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2018 Land Rover DISCOVERY Advanced Tow Assist demonstration


2018 Land Rover DISCOVERY Advanced Tow Assist demonstration. New Discovery has been fitted with advanced semi-autonomous technology to make the task of towing a trailer or horsebox as safe and simple as possible. Paired with the vehicle’s class-leading towing capacity of up to 3,500kg (3,720 kg in USA) this technology makes New Discovery the most capable tow vehicle in its class.

Advanced Tow Assist takes the stress out of reversing by allowing the driver to guide a trailer, horsebox or caravan into position without using the steering wheel. The 10-inch touchscreen displays the road behind with responsive trajectory lines showing the anticipated direction of travel. The driver uses the Terrain Response 2 dial on the central console to guide the trailer into the desired parking spot. The driver is able to reverse park trailers with absolute confidence as the vehicle automatically calculates the necessary steering inputs. The intuitive system will alert the driver if the steering input requested is too severe and would cause a jackknife situation.

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