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2018 Mercedes Sprinter Construction Site Pickup – Interactive and Innovative


2018 Mercedes Sprinter Construction Site Pickup – Interactive and Innovative. 2018 Mercedes Sprinter Construction Site Pickup – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Color: Arctic white. Rear-wheel drive.

Key features of the load area in the Sprinter pickup:

– 5.8 m2 to 9.2 m2 cargo area with standard cab
– 4.3 m2 to 7.7 m2 cargo area with crewcab
– 2858 mm to 4308 mm platform length with standard cab
– 2128 mm to 3608 mm platform length with crewcab
– 2035 mm to 2135 mm platform width
– 403 mm tailgate height
– More than 3000 kg maximum payload in the 5500 kg weight variant
– Space for up to eight Europool pallets

Panel van, Tourer, pickup, chassis, bus or tractor head as body types, three drive configurations – with front-wheel drive as an option for the first time – cab design, body lengths, tonnages and load compartment heights: these parameters alone allow a further increase in the number of possible Sprinter variants. More than 1700 different versions can be put together, far more than with the preceding model. This maximised modularity defines the core of the new Sprinter concept, reflecting both sector-specific requirements and different customer segments. The sector-specific solutions cover a range from classic courier services over the last delivery mile to goods transport over longer distances and right up to service technicians who use their vehicle as a mobile replacement parts store. The new Sprinter can also be put to work as a camper van or bus, and is used as an ambulance by rescue services. The target groups are just as diverse as the applications. The Sprinter supplies the answers to all transport needs for both tradition-conscious owners and cost-conscious fleet managers. The relatively young group of start-up managers e.g. providing delivery services in the urban environment, and also future-oriented career changers with a clear objective of sustainable mobility, will also find a home at Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Panel van, Tourer, pickup, chassis or as the perfect passenger vehicle, a bus: on the basis of these vehicle types, the Sprinter sets new standards in modularity. Alongside the well-proven rear and all-wheel drive systems, the range is for the first time completed by a front-wheel drive system. The cab design as a classic single cab or crewcab, four different body lengths and adaptable tonnages and load compartment heights make the third edition of the Sprinter a world champion for individualisation. Right and left-hand drive models are available according to sales market, while the tractor head variant is produced exclusively for bodybuilders and additional body variants. The result is an unprecedented variety of variants, as the Sprinter can be configured in 1700 different versions using these parameters alone – not even counting classic features such as paint finishes, air conditioning or seat configurations.

The new Sprinter is available in six different body variants. These are the panel van, Tourer, pickup, chassis with single or crewcab, and in some regions the Sprinter bus and the commercial tractor head. With rear-wheel drive the new Sprinter covers a tonnage range between 3.0 and 5.5 tonnes permissible gross vehicle weight. Including the maximum permissible trailer load, the permissible gross combination weight increases to up to 8.75 tonnes for the semitrailer tractor. The wheelbase can be chosen to suit the relevant purpose, with five options between 3250 and 4325 millimetres. The bandwidth of possible Sprinter seating options ranges from one to 20 persons.

Higher load capacity and more comfort when loading and unloading – these were two major goals during development of the front-wheel drive. The result is an 80 millimetre lower loading sill. At the same time the interior door height increases by 80 millimetres. This makes bulky goods easier to stow on board.

Various weight savings also lead to a lower overall kerb weight. The unladen weight starts in the 3.5 tonnes segment at 1990 kilograms for the panel van and 1975 kilograms for the pickup. The front-wheel drive model as a panel van with 3.5 tonnes permissible gross vehicle weight makes 50 kilograms of additional payload available against the rear-wheel drive.


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