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2018 Seat Ibiza FR – Balanced with Perfect Proportions and Agile Character


2018 Seat Ibiza FR – Balanced with Perfect Proportions and Agile Character. 2018 Seat Ibiza FR – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Color: Desire Red.

The new SEAT Ibiza will offer four equipment lines, starting with the Reference followed by the Style trim. The top-of-the-range will be the FR and XCellence trims.

The FR trim comes with the most dynamic and technological equipment to enjoy the best performance. Exclusive dynamic design elements have been specifically created for it like, rear diffuser, exclusive front grilles, simulated exhausts at either side of the rear bumper, sport suspension and exclusive exterior black pack. Not only that, but the chassis height has also been reduce by 15 mm and the suspension setting has been slightly modified, with shock absorbers that are firmer, while the anti-roll bar diameter is thicker. The exact different is 21×3.7 mm for the FR versions and 20×2.8 mm for the rest. The semi-rigid rear axle is also firmer in the FR.

The XCellence trim aims to reach new customers looking for a more sophisticated and distinctive design combined with more convenient and smart functional equipment. Its chrome details accentuate its sophistication and refinement.

Both trims will have the same price and are intended to offer the best possible options to different types of drivers: FR is for those looking for a sportier car, while XCellence focuses on comfort, elegance and technology.

The interior ambient LED lighting for the FR and XCellence versions is offered in two colours, red and white, while three areas of the interior are clearly demarcated with lights (doors, floor and roof) to create a sophisticated and refined space onboard. The use of LED technology for the interior and exterior lights is not an aesthetic whim. LEDs offer much higher quality lighting while saving energy, thus yielding improved fuel economy. The full LED lights on the Ibiza (headlights, dashboard, indicators and rear fog lights) are new in this segment.

The FR trim includes a stiffer suspension and offers two mode settings, Normal and Sport, to adapt to the driver’s preferences or to the conditions on the road. The XCellence trim will also offer this possibility later on, with a softer setting. The XCellence trim will also offer this possibility later on, with a softer setting.

The driving assistance systems built into the new Ibiza include elements that, while already present in Leon and Ateca, are quite unusual in this class. The new SEAT Ibiza features Front Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Keyless Entry System with heartbeat engine start button, a new generation of front and rear parking sensors and a rear view camera with a higher quality and precision reflected in a premium 8’’ touchscreen with glass panel. It is the very first time that the SEAT Ibiza has a huge and functional integrated 8’’ touchscreen that offers the best technology without compromising interior harmony.

The best of all is that these aren’t the only driver assist systems that the driver of the new SEAT Ibiza has at his hands, many of which are totally innovative in its category. Furthermore, other systems can be found such as tiredness recognition, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, Stop&Go combined with ACC and DSG to allow for the most relaxing experience possible in traffic jams – it’s responsible for braking the car and accelerating again to get back under way – and the Multi Collision Brake or automatic post-collision brake, that can reduce the consequences of a multiple crash taking place by applying the brakes automatically after a first collision to keep the car under control and avoid a second one or reduce its consequences.

The icing on the cake of the new SEAT Ibiza is the ability to configure the car’s response, thanks to Drive Profile, with three pre-configured models (Eco, Normal and Sport) plus one more, Individual, which allows the driver to choose how the engine responds to their liking, as well as the steering, suspension, ACC, air-conditioning and gearbox (in the DSG versions).

In the interior, one of the most outstanding features of the new model is the wireless charger with GSM amplifier. In terms of connectivity, the New SEAT Ibiza is the only car 100% connected thanks to three options: Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Mirror Link. SEAT is committed to becoming a front runner in connected cars and developing new mobility solutions where the connected car enhances user experience, making it easier and more flexible. In an environment of disruptive changes, SEAT is eager to deal with the challenges posed by urban infrastructures, traffic systems and vehicles in cities, offering these technologies in most of its vehicles.

The New SEAT Ibiza presents a partnership with Beatsaudio soundsystem, a brand bringing energy, emotion and excitement that has changed the way people listen to music. It uses a digital signal processor (DSP), 7 premium speakers and an 8-channel with 300W amplifier.


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