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Rolls-Royce Wraith tuned by Spofec (Novitec)


Rolls-Royce Wraith tuned by Spofec (Novitec). The Spofec program for the Wraith includes a special made Wheel-design, available in several colors. Plug and Play Power-upgrades, sophisticated body parts as well as power-optimized exhaust systems are exclusively developed for the Wraith.

With the SPOFEC N-TRONIC made in a easily to install Plug and Play System, the V12 engine of the Wraith is very powerful and matchless sovereign.

Power: 717 horsepower (+85 hp)
Torque: 986 Nm at 1,800 rpm  (+ 186 Nm)
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph): 4,2 sec

Spofec exhaust systems are characterized by using the highest quality materials, a perfect fit and a matchless sound. At the systems with flap-regulation, the exhaust flaps can be controlled from the cockpit.

The Spofec wheels and tire combinations are the perfect application for maximum contact with the roads. The wheel and tire sizes are matched exactly to each vehicle and the design fits perfectly. SPOFEC wheels are made exclusively for Rolls Royce only.

The suspension control module CAN-Tronic intervenes in the control of the air suspension and lowers the ride height by about 40 millimeters at speeds below 140km/h. At higher speeds the body automatically reverts to its original level.

The Spofec high performance brake system with ventilated Carbon-Ceramic brake discs optimized the deceleration value of the vehicle by weight-saving at the same time.

In the development of the Spofec body parts there is a lot of emphasis placed on the aesthetics to ensure that the visual design accents do not drastically change the fundamentals of the Wraith.

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