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1930 Hudson Great Eight: The Globetrotter


1930 Hudson Great Eight: The Globetrotter. To enjoy this film in English please turn on Closed Captions (CC)

Typically we start these descriptions with the location, the car, and the driver, but Heidi Hetzer and her 1930 Hudson Great Eight don’t fit the mold, seeing as the 77-year-old took her rather ancient automobile on a journey around the world. Inspired by Clärenore Stinnes, the first to accomplish such a feat, Heidi battled cancer, nearly lost a few fingers, and defied the odds during the course of her monumental road trip. Possessing a spirit found in few, her love of driving is positively boundless, and so is her cheery outlook on life and the people you meet along the way.

See the photoshoot and further info here: https://petro.li/HudsonGallery

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