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1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ: The Project | Petrolicious


1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ: The Project | Petrolicious. The 105 Series Alfa Romeos, the Giulias, are widely loved. They are also widely raced. Giulia coupes and sedans are a common choice for enthusiasts looking for a vintage car to modify and take to the track, and back in the 1960s Alfa Romeo had a similar idea. They built a few racing-oriented versions of the 105 Series through their Autodelta competition division, but in 1963 the Tubolare Zagato was the most radical development by far. It featured a tube frame chassis, all aluminum coachwork by Zagato, and it was homologated a year later.
This example went to California when it was new in ’64, where it lived a hard life as a race car before David Eichenbaum picked up the project decades later. With help from devoted Alfa restorer Conrad Stevenson, it has been returned to its former glory.
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