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1968 ISO Rivolta: A Riva For The Road


1968 ISO Rivolta: A Riva For The Road. You’ve heard the infamous origin story of Lamborghini, but what about another Italian sports car company that was birthed out of frustration with Enzo Ferrari? Renzo Rivolta decided to do something about his dissatisfaction with Ferrari cars, and so he built his own GT machine bearing his name: the Iso Rivolta.

Giugiaro designed the car whilst employed at Bertone, and though it may seem quintessentially Italian, it has some international elements in its DNA too—namely the 5.4-liter Chevrolet Corvette V8 under its elegant hood. Though Renzo Rivolta passed suddenly in 1966, not long after the first Rivoltas were built, his story is being retold and rediscovered by the next enthusiast generation thanks to owners like Helmut Boening and his immaculate example of Italy’s muscled elegance.

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