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1969 The Reliant Scimitar GTE : The Reliant


1969 The Reliant Scimitar GTE : The Reliant. Dave Poole says that the day he gets fed up with driving will be the day that he passes his 1969 Reliant Scimitar GTE on to someone else who can enjoy its quirks and charms. But after 21 years of dutiful ownership, there are no signs of that day arriving anytime soon.

An avid collector of the now-defunct marque’s memorabilia, Dave’s turned his home into an in-progress museum to all things Reliant; his Scimitar GTE (Gran Turismo Estate) was the first one he went to view, and though he has made a series of tasteful modifications to the 3.0L Ford Essex V6, it remains a fantastic example.

Though given the budget he would like to return the car to its original color and take care of a few bodywork imperfections, for the moment Dave, his wife, and the Scimitar—all of whom are turning 50 in 2019—are content traveling the English countryside together, and partaking in the occasional track day.

See the photoshoot and read more here: https://petro.li/ScimitarGallery

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