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1970 Sinthesis 2000 Berlinetta: The DIY GT


1970 Sinthesis 2000 Berlinetta: The DIY GT. Let’s say you’re a mechanical engineer who’s always wanted to build a sports car. Let’s say you’re living in Italy in the 1960s and you happen to be friends with some of the country’s greatest minds, including a certain prolific and talented designer at Ghia: Tom Tjaarda. What do you do?

When Peter Giacobbi found himself in such an auspicious situation after sharing a bottle of wine with Tjaarda one night, he got to work. In a time well before computers did the precise calculations and modeling involved in creating something as challenging as a high-performance automobile, Peter and Tom did the math and the drawing all on their own, and the result is something that you’d never call cobbled together. Peter calls it the Sinthesis, to represent the marriage of Italian design and American engineering, and 40 year later it still provides the same go-kart experience it did when it was a newborn in 1970.

See the photoshoot and read more here: https://petro.li/SinthesisGallery

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