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1971 Alfa Romeo Spider 1300 Junior: The Family Car | Petrolicious


1971 Alfa Romeo Spider 1300 Junior: The Family Car | Petrolicious. Perched on a rear-facing, foldaway jump seat in the back of the family station wagon. Wedged between your parents on the front bench of an old pickup truck. Or climbing around in the “+2” section of a sprightly red Italian 2+2 with the top down and everyone’s hair flapping wildly. The sentimental value of the vehicles we grew up in—and of the spots inside them that we got to call our own—cannot be quantified. In today’s film, Petrolicious’ own Tiziano Niero sits down with his father, Carlo, to discuss a special Alfa Romeo that’s been in the family garage for over thirty years: a 1971 Spider 1300 Junior.
“It wasn’t my dream. I would have never thought about buying it back then—I was at the beginning of my career, I had no money. But it happened all of a sudden, and finding this car became one of the rare occasions when I could afford the object of my desire.” Since then it’s been treated to two paint jobs and all the maintenance you’d expect a daily-driven Italian sports car to require, but even when a mountain excursion ends with a ride home on a tow truck, Carlo finds it impossible to be mad at the Alfa that’s provided his family with so much joy.
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