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1971 Porsche 911T: Traveling Al Frisco


1971 Porsche 911T: Traveling Al Frisco. We’ve featured a lot of Porsche 911s on Petrolicious, but few have lived as many lives as this 1971 example has. It belongs to a barrister from Johannesburg named Andre Bezuidenhout, and since he acquired it in the early 1990s as a candidate for a race car conversion it has been through a few phases.

After an accident that totaled the car and ended its motorsports career, it was restored to road-going specification, sold to someone who lived out in the countryside, and thought to be gone from Andre’s life until he chanced upon it a few years ago and decided to repurpose it once more. Now it’s in proper touring car guise by the literal definition of the word, fitted as it is with a rugged luggage rack among other mods meant for drivability over long distances, and it’s definitely got a good gig these days; whenever Andre and his wife want to travel some place new, they forego the rental car and just ship their 911, affectionally named “Frisco,” and use that to explore instead.

See the photoshoot and read more here: https://petro.li/Frisco911Gallery

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