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1972 Alfa Romeo Alfetta: Verde Pino


1972 Alfa Romeo Alfetta: Verde Pino. Brought to you by Jaeger-LeCoultre

In this week’s Made to Drive installment we are visiting France to spend an afternoon with a young couple infatuated with vintage Alfa Romeos. They currently own two with plans for more, but it was this 1972 Alfetta and its striking factory color of Verde Pino that began the momentum. It’s a unique mixture of a stylish but practical small sedan combined with Italian sporting heritage, and though it isn’t the most well-known from the marque’s impressive lineup in the early 1970s it is a notable piece of their history. In the case of Tristan and Manon, his wife to be, the Alfetta is now part of their family, and it will be starting a new legacy.

See the photoshoot and further info on the ’72 Alfetta here: http://petro.li/Alfetta

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