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1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS: Viola – Petrolicious


1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS: Viola – Petrolicious. Cici Muldoon has led an interesting life already. Growing up in Mexico, she was on track to become a dancer before she moved to the United States to study physics at Princeton. A phD then brought her to Oxford, and after a bout in Switzerland following grad school, she has settled (for the moment) in the English countryside. The Cotswolds offer quintessential British B-road driving, and Cici’s Triumph TR3 fits into the area almost too perfectly. Her Ferrari Dino and its unique color scheme stand out a little more.

She’s named the 246 GTS “Viola,” but affectionately refers to her as a bit of a pimpmobile too. After all, it is a mid-engine Italian sports car with purple paintwork and a removable roof. It seems like a perfect weekender, but in the two years that she’s owned this Dino, Cici has come around to the idea that it doesn’t need utter pampering, and she doesn’t mind clipping the occasional puddle if the driving mood happens to strike on a rainy Tuesday.

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