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1978 Ferrari 308 GTB: The Blue GTB


1978 Ferrari 308 GTB: The Blue GTB. This week’s film of a father and son and a special Ferrari 308 GTB is presented in partnership with Turtle Wax.
The owner of this beautiful blue wedge, Elliott Scherling, grew up in a place where sports cars weren’t. But when he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his post graduate studies he found a new reality where exotic European imports were everyday sights. Elliot had eyes for one of these in particular, though: a Fly Yellow 365 GTB/4 parked in his apartment complex’s garage. It was the most beautiful car he’d ever seen, and that neighbor’s Daytona made Elliott determined to own a Ferrari one day.
Not long afterwards, he decided that Ferrari would be a 308 GTB. Like the yellow Daytona, the blue on blue 308 GTB that made the cover of the 1976 December issue of Road & Track was a car unlike any he’d seen before. In the late 1970s, he fulfilled his goal and became the owner of the 1978 308 GTB featured in today’s film.
Elliott’s unwavering passion for the car that he’s owned and maintained for over forty years is shared by his son, Joshua, who, while appreciative of the 308 as a machine, enjoys it even more for the connection it gives him to his father.

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