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1980 Ferrari 308 GT4: Bertone Designed | Petrolicious


1980 Ferrari 308 GT4: Bertone Designed | Petrolicious. Sometime between his seventh and eighth birthday, Philippe Gardette sent a collection of his sports car designs in a letter to one of his favorite marques, Ferrari. Little did Philippe know back then, but his passion would catalyze into a 42-year-long career working with Prancing Horses. To give a sense of the level of kit that passes through his doors, Philippe pulls out a photo album and flips to a page that shows a 250 GTO on a lift above a 288 GTO—enough said.
Spending time around these near mythic cars hasn’t jaded him though, and his relatively humble 308 GT4 has more sentimental value than any GTO, as the once-controversial Bertone designed wedge was the first car that that Philippe worked on and maintained. In this week’s film, we invite you to join us in Clermont-Ferrand, France, as we celebrate the only Bertone-designed Ferrari, and Philippe’s ongoing story with his tidy 1980 example.

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