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1991 Toyota Previa: The Eggvan


1991 Toyota Previa: The Eggvan. There’s a supercharged engine sitting between the axles of this rear-wheel drive vehicle, and its owner Niki Byrne describes it as a perfect trainer for endurance racing. From that description alone, one might think “Ah, it’s an MR2,” but as you can clearly see, this is a very different type of Toyota. It’s a minivan, yes, but what a minivan it is! In its day, the first Previa was meant to be something of an engineering chest thump for Toyota, a way to prove that it was capable of reinventing a market segment that was itself quite young. In Niki’s case, the van came into her family driveway because Mom’s 914 wasn’t cutting it for carting around two kids. The Previa has stayed in the family ever since, and though it’s far from the fastest or fanciest vehicle we’ve featured on Petrolicious, we’ll let Niki explain what makes it so special. The “SV” on the side stands for Super Vanoce, in case you were wondering.

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