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2016 Fiat 500 Riva


2016 Fiat 500 Riva. The target of the new Fiat 500 Riva are motorists seeking on dry land the same exclusivity of Aquariva Super yacht – the current Riva icon – and the accessibility that has made the 500 an icon: quality materials and a unique style to experience the emotions of a cruise on everyday city streets.The “Sera Blue” bodywork, an exclusive colour for this limited special series, is one of the most appreciated of the palette offered for Aquariva Super, the Italian shipyard’s emblematic yacht and successor to the legendary Aquarama.The convertible version boasts a new blue top, created exclusively for this version, while the black of the sedan’s panoramic roof makes it particularly elegant.

Unique details embellish the livery: the mirror caps are chrome-plated, as are the handles and the bonnet trim which emphasises the streamline style of the bonnet, in perfect harmony with Riva boats. Furthermore, a double aquamarine line running along the belt line enhances the soft profile of the 500 and recalls the beautiful line of a yacht. Lastly, the car feature brand new and exclusive 16″ 20-spoke light alloy rims with a dedicated blue finish, designed particularly for this series. Not by chance, the special series really carries the Riva name: it is the only 500 to give way on the bonnet to the logo of the nautical legend and the name is spelt out on the wheel arch, on the wooden insert on the side panel and on the dashboard.

As of today, the new 500 Riva can be ordered at all Fiat dealerships.

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