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2016 Opel GT Concept – Interior and Exterior Design


2016 Opel GT Concept – Interior and Exterior Design. The concept car combines the past with future. However, the GT Concept does not try to imitate its famous predecessor. Instead, it offers a new interpretation of the original’s exciting style. “This is one of the most exciting concept cars I have seen in my entire life. Pure passion! It shows who we are: confident, bold and innovative,” said Dr. Neumann when revealing the breathtaking thoroughbred with a front mid-engine and rear-wheel drive. The GT Concept is just as avant-garde as it is puristic – only the form counts. Long hood, extremely short overhangs, the bold red signature line and neither door handles nor door mirrors nor superfluous decorative elements – it is a pure sportscar. It takes Opel’s sculptural design philosophy to the next level. “We created the GT Concept to capture the bold, emotional spirit of the Opel brand. It is dramatic, sculptural and full of innovations,” explained Mark Adams, Vice President Design.

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