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2016 Renault Scenic INTERIOR


2016 Renault Scenic INTERIOR. The new Renault Scenic has a boot capacity of 506 dm3 VDA (572 litres). This is the largest volume in its class and compares very favourably with the average capacity (469 dm3) of its rivals.

The new Scenic similarly tops its class when it comes to stowage space. In addition to its 13-litre centre console, it is equipped with an 11.5-litre lit and chilled ‘Easy Life’ drawer, which o ers up to more than three times the carrying capacity of rival models. It opens by means of an electronic sensor and automatically locks when the vehicle stops.

Other ingenious stowage solutions, including four underfloor compartments, extend total stowage capacity to 63 litres, placing the new Scenic at the top of its class by offering up to twice as much space as its competitors.

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