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2017 Acura NSX – Interior and Exterior Design


2017 Acura NSX – Interior and Exterior Design. The exterior design of the new 2017 Acura NSX reflects the integration of exotic supercar aesthetics and exceptional supercar performance. The “Interwoven Dynamic” overarching design theme for the exterior architecture epitomizes the concept of “form following function,” as every character line, body panel shape or crease, air flow inlet/outlet, and even the vehicle’s overall proportions have been designed to create a New Sports eXperience. Accordingly, each aspect of the NSX’s exterior architecture has been optimized to support the dynamic capabilities of the NSX while advancing Acura design into the future.

A complementary and essential component of the all-new Acura NSX’s New Sports eXperience is its driver-centered interior design, where every element are optimized to enhance the driving experience. Exceptional ergonomics, a hallmark of the original NSX, have been further advanced. Moreover, as a pinnacle representation of Acura Precision Crafted Performance, the NSX is designed to provide outstanding comfort, quality and advanced, intuitive technologies, all presented in clean and modern aesthetic.

Vehicle price without option (MSRP): $156,000

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