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2017 Acura NSX – Total Airflow Management


2017 Acura NSX – Total Airflow Management. To support the NSX’s ambitious performance targets, innovative packaging design and exotic styling, the development team completely reimagined the exterior engineering for this modern supercar so that maximum energy is extracted from the flow of air around and through the NSX with the highest efficiency. This “total airflow management” strategy supports complete power unit cooling and air intake, brake system cooling, and aerodynamic performance at a very high level.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was used extensively during development to maximize the performance of the power unit cooling systems: First, for the proof-of-concept in establishing heat management strategy at the earliest development stage; and second, for continuous thermal performance improvement as the vehicle matured through development.

Along with the use of advanced CFD, wind tunnel and real-world testing, the development team employed computerized lap-time simulation models of some of the world’s most legendary proving grounds that could then be run on chassis-dynamometers allowing testing and validation of computer models for thermal management.

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