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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia – An Affair with the 4C, Montreal, Giulietta, and GTA


2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia – An Affair with the 4C, Montreal, Giulietta, and GTA. This week we partnered with Alfa Romeo to sample a buffet of tasteful Italian machinery.

The full spread includes an iconic Autodelta-prepared GTA racer, the Barchetta-style Giulietta Competizione Spider Sebring, the luxurious grand touring Montreal, and their modern brethren, the carbon tub chassis constructed 4C and the German-performance-sedan-crushing Giulia.

We sat down with Alfa Romeo USA Brand Ambassador and all-around genuine Alfisti, Brandon Adrian, to uncover what it is about the century-old sports car staple that’s so special. Is it the sheer beauty evoked in so many of the marque’s designs? Or is it the way they deliver the drive and make their devout wheelman feel?

Brandon proclaims it’s both. “An Alfisti is someone that has dreams of Alfa Romeo, pretty much constantly, and those dreams become a reality when you actually get in those cars and drive them.” Many would argue that the deep feelings stirred from driving an Alfa is a hyperbolic cliché, but that’s simply not the case for those bewitched by the Italian roundel.

Like many Alfaholics, Brandon’s lifelong love affair with the manufacturer stemmed from its romantic racing history. “It all goes back to the racing heritage. I actually much prefer to be at the racetrack than a concours. If there’s an opportunity between the two, I’ll always pick the racetrack because that’s where my passion and the fun lies. But these cars can do both,” declares Brandon.

Alfa Romeo’s mix of divine driving dynamics and stunning design aesthetics has always secured the endearment of enthusiasts. Whether it’s a vintage racer or a modern performance sedan, “Any Alfisti would rather be driving an Alfa Romeo than looking at an Alfa Romeo, even though looking at it is just as beautiful.”

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