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2017 E-Class – Remote Parking Pilot demonstrations


2017 E-Class – Remote Parking Pilot demonstrations. To make parking easier, the Mercedes E-Class is optionally available with three variants of Parking Assist: Parking Pilot – optionally with 360° camera – as well as the new Remote Parking Pilot.
The Parking Pilot with PARKTRONIC Parking Assist and reversing camera makes it easier to find and choose a parking space and also to enter or leave parallel or end-on parking spaces. Both forwards and backwards into end-on parking spaces. It manoeuvres the vehicle automatically into the selected parking space and can steer and brake if an obstacle is detected. If the vehicle is equipped with automatic transmission, the speed is controlled automatically and gear changes are also automatic.

If Parking Pilot is not used for parking or leaving a parking space, PARKTRONIC will monitor the front and rear areas as well as, if possible, the sides of the vehicle. If it detects a risk of collision, it warns the driver.
If Blind Spot Assist is installed, and if crossing traffic is detected behind the vehicle, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert is capable of giving a warning or automatically initiating braking and providing the driver with an audible warning.

Entering or leaving a tight parking space or parking in the garage can be an ordeal. Such situations are made easier by Mercedes-Benz with a newly available system that makes it possible for the first time to enter or exit a parking space from outside the vehicle: Remote Parking Pilot is enabled by smartphone over a Bluetooth connection. The app (Android, iOS) specifically developed for this purpose by Mercedes-Benz can be subscribed to at the relevant app store and activated via the Mercedes me portal.

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