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2017 Porsche Panamera INTERIOR


2017 Porsche Panamera INTERIOR. The Porsche Panamera 2 exhibits a completely new display and control concept. In many areas, touch-sensitive surfaces replace classic hard keys, and high-resolution displays merge into the interior. The digitalisation of the Porsche interior, which began with the 918 Spyder, has reached the luxury saloon segment aboard the Panamera in the form of the new Porsche Advanced Cockpit.

From the low seat position typical of sports cars, drivers not only see the fascinating front-end landscape of the car’s wings and powerdome, but also two 7-inch displays that are placed along the driver’s line of sight for ideal ergonomics. In the standard configuration, each display features two round instruments. Located in the middle, between these two displays, is the tachometer, which is still an analogue instrument.

To the left of the tachometer is the virtual speedometer; information on the assistance systems is shown at its centre. That is why the new instrument cluster is known as Speed & Assist. As is usual at Porsche, the speed being driven is also shown digitally within the analogue tachometer. To the right of the tachometer is the Car & Info display. Vehicle settings can be made or retrieved here, and the driver can have information from the trip computer displayed. The driver can freely configure the two smaller round instruments next to the Speed & Assist and Car & Info instruments in a defined frame. This is all intuitively controlled via buttons on the multifunction steering wheel.

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