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2017 Toyota C-HR – World Premiere


2017 Toyota C-HR – World Premiere. The new Toyota C-HR will be equipped with an engine-range that is designed to deliver exactly the fluent driving behaviour that its customers are looking for. This finds its full expression at the wheel of the hybrid version, the intrinsic characteristics of which guarantee a smooth, jolt-free ride. Fitted with the latest-generation hybrid power plant, the C-HR has CO2 emissions of less than 90 g/km, unrivalled within its segment.

Delivering 122 horsepower, this new hybrid powertrain is more efficient and lighter, and offers sharper performance than the previous system. Detailed design changes to the engine have resulted in a thermal efficiency of 40% – a world-beating performance for a petrol unit. Other hybrid system components have been made lighter and smaller, and have been repositioned for optimum packaging, further contributing to the car’s lower centre of gravity.
Alternatively, the Toyota C-HR is available with the new 115 hp (85 kW) 1.2 litre turbo engine, which debuted in the Auris. It comes with the choice of a 6-speed manual gearbox or a Continuously Variable automatic Transmission system, which is developed to meet expectations in response & direct feel for European people familiar with manual and automatic gearboxes. The CVT is available in front-wheel or 4-wheel drive versions.
And finally, a 2-litre CVT-only model will be available for certain markets.

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