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2017 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe and Convertible


2017 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe and Convertible. The original Volkswagen Beetle, alias New Beetle, alias current Beetle is one of the world’s best known, most loved and most individual cars. Now, the latest version of the original Volkswagen is being launched: the model year 2017 Beetle and Beetle Cabriolet. Volkswagen has refined the lifestyle icon’s design, engineering and technology. The updated Beetle is being presented to the international media where for more than a decade the largest European gathering of fans of this Volkswagen has taken place – in Travemünde, as part of the Beetle Sunshine Tour 2016. New colours outside and inside, new versions, an even more varied array of personalisation options, infotainment systems geared to modern-day smartphones and apps and the sound on board again fine-tuned by legendary US amplifier manufacturer Fender – as coupé und convertible, this is how the Beetle is launching itself into the latest phase of its history, stretching now  over more than 70 years.

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