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2018 White Lexus LS 500h AWD – Driver-Focused Cockpit and Luxury interior


2018 White Lexus LS 500h AWD – Driver-Focused Cockpit and Luxury interior. 2018 White Lexus LS 500h AWD – Drive, Interior and Exterior.

Lexus has designed the cabin of the LS 500h to provide a quiet and calming environment, using new sound suppression methods to hush the interior to a level beyond any previous LS model. Active Noise Control detects when engine noise enters the cabin and cancels out certain frequencies using antiphase sound from the audio speakers.

The finest quality Mark Levinson Reference Audio systems have been a feature unique to Lexus’s most exclusive models, designed in co-operation with Lexus’s engineers to achieve performance tailored to the interior architecture of each vehicle.

The new LS is equipped (Luxury, F Sport and Premier grades) with a new 3D Surround Mark Levinson QLI Reference Surround System, operating through an array of 23 high-efficiency speakers in 16 locations around the cabin, and using a 16-channel Mark Levinson Reference amplifier. Quantum Logic Immersion – QLI – and ClariFi technology help produce exceptional sound reproduction, of a higher quality than in any previous Lexus model.

QLI technology separates the audio sources into individual streams – vocals, instruments and spatial sound information – similar to the original arrangement. These audio streams are then mixed to recreate a full, threedimensional sonic environment. The new system was developed as the benchmark against which all others will be compared for the next 10 years.

The Pre-Collision System (PCS) is a function familiar from Lexus Safety System+, but in the new Lexus Safety System+ A (LS 500h Premier) its operation has been enhanced with the addition of both Pedestrian Alert and the world-first Active Steering Assist.

PCS uses millimetre-wave radar and a stereo camera to detect pedestrians and vehicles ahead and supports collision prevention and the mitigation of damage by alerting the driver and providing Pre-Collision Brake Assist and Pre-Collision Braking. The improved system can detect cyclists and night-time pedestrians and has an improved deceleration performance under automatic braking. For example it can slow the vehicle by as much as 37mph when a pedestrian is detected ahead, improving the chances of avoiding a collision.

With Pedestrian Alert, if there is the possibility of a collision with a pedestrian in front of the vehicle, the presence and location of the pedestrian is shown in an animation on the head-up display, contributing to the driver’s intuitive recognition of what is happening on the road ahead.

The Active Steering Assist determines when there is high risk of a collision with a pedestrian in the car’s lane of travel, or with a continuous structure, such as a crash barrier. If it calculates that it would be difficult to avoid a collision using brake control alone, but that it might be avoided with steering control, it will initiate automatic steering control in addition to triggering an alert and applying the brakes.


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