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2018 White Toyota Aygo – Fresh Look and Upgraded Interior Finishes


2018 White Toyota Aygo – Fresh Look and Upgraded Interior Finishes. 2018 Toyota Aygo White – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Subscribe.

• A more powerful, three-dimensional execution of the iconic ‘X’ frontal design
• New front and rear lamp clusters with unique LED light guide signatures
• New dedicated wheel designs for each grade
• Choice of eight body colours, including two new metallic paints

The new AYGO retains its iconic frontal ‘X’ signature, but it has matured from a two-dimensional graphic into a more powerful, three-dimensional architectural element.

The distinctive new frontal design incorporates redesigned Keen Look headlamp clusters, with integral Daytime Running Lights (DRL) further reinforcing AYGO’s striking looks at first sight.

The lower section frames the front grille, emphasising the AYGO’s stable stance and the agility inherent in a compact vehicle. While the under-lamp ornamentation –available in Black, Glossy Black or Silver- accentuates the ‘X’ signature and the vehicle’s width.

In profile, the more three-dimensional frontal form combines with newly designed outer lenses in the rear lamp clusters to strengthen the visual connection between the front and rear, giving the impression of forward movement and increased dynamism.

At the rear, the new LED light guides give the AYGO a sophisticated look and make the model instantly recognisable. The unique light signature creates the perception of a compact cabin above a wider lower bumper area, to emphasise the vehicle’s rear width and stability.

The new exterior styling is completed with a choice of eight body colours, two of which are new –Rich Blue Metallic and, exclusive to the x-cite grade, Magenta Splash Metallic. The addition of new 15” technical-look wheel caps and 15” alloys -with a design unique to each grade- further strengthens the premium looks of the new AYGO.

On board, upgraded combimeter instrument graphics feature a more three-dimensional effect and a new illumination colour. A more premium Quartz Grey and Piano Black colour scheme has been adopted, and new seat fabrics have been created for most of the grades.

Further grade-specific interior colour schemes and fabrics are fully described in the Grade Structure and Customisation chapter.


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