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2019 Abarth 124 Spider – The One-Of-A-Kind Roadster


2019 Abarth 124 Spider – The One-Of-A-Kind Roadster. 2019 Abarth 124 Spider – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Subscribe.

The “70th Anniversary” badge will also stand out on the livery of the Abarth 124 spider, the 124, the 124 Turismo and the 124 GT special edition versions. With their special standard equipment, the two spiders were developed with support of the Abarth Racing Team and each embody the maximum driving pleasure and dynamism of a true roadster. The mechanical self-locking differential, a true prerogative of sports cars, is standard on the Abarth 124 spider to enhance the dynamic qualities and the racing personality of the roadster with the scorpion badge. The weight is concentrated between the axles and the engine is installed behind the front axle to guarantee optimal agility and superior driving feel. Fine mechanics and the use of special materials have lowered the weight to just 1060 kg, for a weight-to-power ratio of 6.2 kg/HP. Furthermore, the optimal weight distribution ensures a direct and exhilarating response. Under the bonnet is a powerful, reliable, 1.4 litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine with MultiAir technology. It delivers 170 HP (about 124 HP per litre) and 250 Nm of torque. It has a top speed of 232 km/h and goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds. What is more, since engine sound is a fundamental element of all Abarth cars, standard equipment includes Record Monza exhaust with Dual Mode system that modifies the exhaust gas path according to pressure, guaranteeing linear torque and power delivery, while also generating a satisfying, deep roar. The suspension features a high double wishbone layout on the front and a five-arm multi-link arrangement on the rear. The setup is calibrated to increase cornering and braking stability, while the power steering system has a specific sports calibration.

The Abarth 124 spider is also equipped with a host of advanced safety devices, both active and passive, including ABS with EBD (the latter distributes the brake force between front and rear axles to minimise braking distance and ensure the correct attitude in all load conditions) and ESC, for an optimal control of the car in all driving conditions, especially the most extreme. Operation of the ESC can be reduced or switched off completely when driving on a racing track, to exploit the outstanding balance and the dynamic capabilities of the Abarth 124 spider to the max.

Inside, the car features leather seats which are supporting and very comfortable at the same time, keeping the driver in the ideal position, as low and retracted as possible to be able to perceive all sideways movements of the car. Furthermore, the controls are perfectly in keeping with the sporty set-up of the car: the position of the pedals, the vertical steering wheel and the short gear stick, make for an enthralling driving experience. The dashboard features a large tachometer with red background arranged in a central position facing the driver and a keyless start system.

The package is completed by the excellent soundproofing provided by the noise-deadening windscreen and rear window and by the double-layer soft top, which can be opened and closed in a few seconds with one hand from the driving seat.

Finally, the colour palette features “Turini 1975 White” and “Costa Brava 1972 Red” pastels and metallized “San Marino 1972 Black”, “Hessen 1972 Blue”, and “Alpi Orientali 1974 Gray”. The names were picked to evoke the rally racing wins of the brand.

The 70th Anniversary badge will also appear on the adrenaline-packed Abarth 124 GT special edition developed by the Abarth Racing Team, which combines the stylishness of a coupé and the dynamism of a roadster. The Abarth 124 GT offers a special solution that is light and simple at the same time. The convenience of an easy-to-operate manual soft top is combined with the advantages of a lightweight hard top, the first in its segment to be made entirely of carbon fibre. The car packs plenty as standard and a host of exclusive contents, like 17-inch OZ Ultra-Light alloy rims, which are about three kilograms lighter than standard wheels and guarantee improved handling together with a refreshed, sportier design. Furthermore, the mirror caps sport a special gun metal colour which matches the front spoiler. Matte black bonnet treatment is available on demand , a clear reference to the classic Abarth 124 Rally, on which this solution was adopted to prevent glare to the driver’s eyes. Carbon fibre front spoiler is also available on demand. The mirror caps can be either made of carbon fibre or red.


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