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2019 Lexus RC 300h – Luxury Sports Coupe


2019 Lexus RC 300h – Luxury Sports Coupe. 2019 Lexus RC 300h – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Color: Radiant Red. Subscribe.

Lexus designers sought to maintain the RC’s dynamic coupe proportions, while adding a high level of elegance to the exterior. Key to achieving this was the addition of distinctive design elements, such as a new front bumper corner that flows down from the headlamps and a grille mesh pattern comprising shapes which gradually transform from top to bottom, creating an intriguing visual tension. The vertical arrangement of the ultra-compact triple LED headlamps and new L-shaped LED clearance lamps add to the car’s more distinguished appearance.

Air ducts have been added to the corners of the rear bumper, resulting in better handling stability and enhanced overall driving response. A wider stance and lower centre of gravity reflect the car’s ability to maintain high grip in different road conditions. The rear combination lamps house more pronounced L-shaped lenses that are a new signature design feature for Lexus coupes.

The two-door RC coupe presents an impressive low profile and wide stance, with its compact cabin contrasting with the powerfully flared wings and deeply sweeping lines across the contoured body. Key dimensions are a 4,700 mm overall length, 1,840 mm overall width, 1,395 mm height and 2,730 mm wheelbase.

The RC 300h is powered by a self-charging full hybrid system that gives the vehicle the capability of running emissions-free on its electric power alone.

The powertrain combines a petrol engine and compact but powerful electric motor. These automatically work together or individually to provide optimum performance according to road conditions and the driver’s preference. Lexus Hybrids recharge as you drive, so they are always ready to go. Furthermore, up to 53.8%2of city driving time can be accomplished in zero emissions EV mode. The system is also characterised by quick and linear acceleration, high fuel efficiency, exceptionally low emissions and a luxuriously smooth ride.

The engine featured in the RC’s Lexus Hybrid Drive is a 2,494 cc Atkinson cycle, direct injection, four-cylinder unit that delivers a maximum output of 181 DIN hp/133 kW at 6,000 rpm and peak torque of 221 Nm between 4,200 and 4,800 rpm. The electric motor has an output of 143 DIN hp/105 kW. The combined system power is 223 DIN hp/164 kW.

¹ Correlated NEDC values: Fuel consumption from 5.0 L/100Km, CO2 emissions from 114 g/Km
² According to TOYOTA HEV European Customers Test Drive, 2014 – July 2018

The front double wishbone and rear multi-link suspension systems combine well-balanced, agile handling with superior straight-line ride comfort. They are designed to reduce understeer, ensure accurate yaw response during steering, effect a smooth transition to cornering attitude and help achieve an integrated feel between steering input and vehicle behaviour, marrying a fine ride quality with agile, engaging handling characteristics.

The new RC’s suspension has been further tuned for more supple performance, improved grip and better handling. New shock absorbers, which provide significant damping force from low suspension stroke speeds, and stiffer suspension bushings have also been introduced. To guarantee the desired dynamic performance, the coupe underwent extensive real-world testing, with chassis engineers constantly fine-tuning the package to improve ride and handling.

To complement the change in performance, the electric power steering has been re-tuned to give the driver accurate feedback on the interaction between the tyres and the road surface. New 19-inch wheels fitted with higher grip tyres also support excellent steering response.

A brushed treatment has been applied to the heater control and audio panels, generating a higher sense of quality, while the knee pads either side of the centre console have been made larger and raised higher, creating a greater sense of space in the front of the cabin. The driver’s palm rest has been reshaped and a stitching pattern has been added to the surface, showcasing the designers’ high attention to detail.

A new analogue clock, identical to the one in the LC, sits high on the instrument panel in another identifying feature of Lexus coupes.

An exclusive, highly supportive sports front seat design is constructed using an ‘integrated foaming’ method. This allows for the moulding of large concave surfaces while ensuring that there are no gaps between the seat upholstery and the foam padding, ensuring both excellent comfort and outstanding lateral holding performance.

A one-touch walk-in function gives easy access to the 60:40 split folding rear seats. The front seat automatically slides forwards when the seat back is folded forwards by means of the shoulder-mounted lever. The seat automatically returns to its original position when the seatback is raised again.


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