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2019 Mercedes AMG GT 53 4MATIC+ 4 Door Coupe – the New Member of the AMG GT Family


2019 Mercedes AMG GT 53 4MATIC+ 4 Door Coupe – the New Member of the AMG GT Family. 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4MATIC+ 4-Door Coupe, AMG Night-packet – Drive, Interior and Exterior.
Paint: Designo Diamond White Bright, Colour Variation Black.

2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4MATIC+ 4-Door Coupe Technical data at a glance:

Engine: 3.0-litre 6-cylinder in-line engine with exhaust gas turbocharger and electric auxiliary compressor
Displacement: 2999 cc
Output: 320 kW (435 hp) at 6100 rpm
Add. output with EQ Boost: 16 kW (22 hp)
Peak torque: 520 Nm at 1800-5800 rpm
Add. torque with EQ Boost: 250 Nm
Drive system: AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive with fully variable torque distribution
Weight (DIN/EC): 1970 kg/2045 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 4.5 s
Top speed: 285 km/h

Alongside the two V8 engines the new four-door sports car is also available as the Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4MATIC+ with the innovative AMG six-cylinder inline engine. The 320 kW (435 hp) 3.0-litre unit is characterised by high performance, supported by a boost effect with an output of up to 16 kW (22 hp) and 250 newton metres of torque. The EQ Boost starter-alternator combines a starter motor and alternator in a powerful electric motor and is between the engine and transmission. This intelligent combination, along with efficient charging with the electric additional compressor (eZV) and exhaust air turbocharger helps ensure the hallmark AMG performance and driving dynamics but also cuts consumption and emissions at the same time. The four-door AMG GT 53 accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds, and achieves a top speed of 285 km/h.

The EQ Boost starter-alternator in the new AMG GT 53 also generates the power for the 48 V on-board electrical system. This in turn uses a DC/DC converter to supply the conventional 12 V network for the lights, cockpit, infotainment displays and control units. Through the 48 V battery the battery capacity of the entire car is increased, which means that more electrical energy can be made available for new functions. The 48 V on-board electrical system thus also paves the way for the progressive expansion of infotainment and assistance systems.

All AMG GT 4-Door Coupé models are equipped with the AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive. An electro-mechanically controlled clutch connects the permanently driven rear axle variably to the front axle. The best possible torque split is continuously computed according to the driving conditions and driver’s input. The transition from rear-wheel to all-wheel drive and vice versa is seamless, as the intelligent control is integrated into the overall vehicle system architecture. Alongside traction and lateral dynamics, the all-wheel drive also improves the longitudinal dynamics for even more powerful acceleration.

It is still possible to drift thanks to fully variable torque distribution. The Drift Mode is suitable for this; in the S version of the four-door AMG GT it is standard, and in the other models it is available as an option. This can be activated in the “RACE” drive program using the shift paddles, provided that ESP® is deactivated and the transmission is in manual mode. When activating the Drift Mode the four-door sports car thus turns into a model with purely rear-wheel drive.

The AMG GT 4-Door Coupé responds even more sensitively to steering commands thanks to the active rear axle steering which comes as standard in the V8 models and is optional in the six-cylinder versions. The system facilitates an even better combination of agility and stability and thus reinforces the dynamism and the handling safety of the new AMG GT four-door model.

Up to a speed of 100 km/h, the rear wheels point in the opposite direction to the front wheels via two electric actuator motors. As a result, the car turns into corners with significantly higher agility. Under everyday driving conditions, the driver also benefits from a smaller turning circle.

At speeds higher than 100 km/h, the system turns the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels. That noticeably improves driving stability. At the same time, the lateral force on the rear wheels builds up considerably faster on changes of direction, thus improving the response to the steering. The driver can also rely on extreme rear-axle grip and high stability when changing direction quickly, without the usual tendency for the rear end to break out.

The electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering has a variable ratio. It impresses with its precise feedback thanks to the AMG-specific rack-and-pinion steering with a variable ratio. Power assistance also varies between the three stages “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Sport+”. The corresponding characteristic is automatically activated depending on the selected AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission mode or can be personalised as required in “Individual” mode.


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