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2019 Mercedes AMG GT S – Pure Driving Performance


2019 Mercedes AMG GT S – Pure Driving Performance. 2019 Mercedes AMG GT S – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Color: AMG Solarbeam. Subscribe.

2019 Mercedes AMG GT S Technical Data:

Number of cylinders/arrangement: 8/V, 4 valves per cylinder
Displacement cc: 3982
Bore x stroke mm: 83.0 x 92.0
Rated output kW/hp: 384 (522) at 6000 – 6500 rpm
Rated torque Nm: 670 at 1900-5000 rpm
Compression ratio: 10.5 : 1
Mixture formation: Microprocessor-controlled direct petrol injection, twin turbochargers with 1.1 bar max. charge-air pressure
Drive system: Standard drive, transaxle
Front axle: Aluminium double-wishbone suspension, anti-dive, coil springs, stabiliser bar
Rear axle: Aluminium double-wishbone suspension, anti-squat and anti-dive, coil springs, stabiliser bar
Braking system: 390 mm compound disk brakes at the front, ventilated and perforated, 360 mm compound disk brakes at the rear, ventilated and perforated, electric parking brake at the rear, ABS, Brake Assist, 3-stage ESP®
Steering: Electromechanical speed-sensitive rack-and-pinion sports power steering system with non-linear steering ratio
Wheels: front: 9.0 J x 19; rear: 11.0 J x 20
Tyres: front: 265/35 R 19; rear: 295/30 R 20
Acceleration 0-100 km/h s: 3.8
Top speed km/h: 310

The handling characteristics of the new AMG GT can be modified by selecting from the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs: “Slippery”, “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport+”, “RACE” and “Individual”. This changes important parameters such as engine and transmission response, steering characteristics, suspension damping, and sound. The programs are selected using the paddle in the centre console and then visualised in the instrument cluster and on the multimedia display.

– “Slippery”: The new “Slippery” drive program is optimised for slippery road conditions, with reduced power and a flat torque curve.
– “Comfort”: comfortable and fuel-efficient driving, e.g. thanks to very early upshifts. Suspension and steering are set up for an emphasis on comfort.
– “Sport”: sporty characteristics thanks to a more agile response to the driver’s accelerator pedal input, shorter shift times, earlier downshifts and significantly more emotive gearshifts owing to double de-clutching. A more dynamic suspension and steering set-up.
– “Sport+”: extremely sporty characteristics thanks to an even more agile throttle response, increased acoustic emphasis on double de-clutching during downshifts as well as selective torque control on upshifts with cylinder suppression for optimal shift times. Increased idle speed for faster pulling away. An even more dynamic suspension, steering and powertrain set-up.
– “Individual”: individual adjustment of the drive system, transmission, AMG DYNAMICS, suspension and exhaust system.
– “RACE” (not for AMG GT base model): The “RACE” drive program is designed for highly dynamic driving on closed race circuits. In this program, all of the parameters are configured for maximum performance.

Particularly remarkable: AMG DYNAMICS calculates how the vehicle will react. To do this, the system uses the available sensors that detect the speed, the steering angle or the yaw rate, for instance. Based on the pilot-control principle it is possible to anticipate the vehicle behaviour on the basis of the driver’s actions and the data from the sensors. The control system reacts in this way even before the driver – and with no noticeable or intervention of the system. The driver gets a very authentic driving feel with high cornering dynamics and optimum traction as well as high stability and predictable handling. Even experienced drivers receive optimum assistance without feeling patronised by the system.

The different AMG DYNAMICS modes are named “Basic”, “Advanced”, “Pro” and “Master”. The drive program selection indicated on the multimedia display now shows the new AMG DYNAMICS symbol with the relevant additional term instead of the previous ESP®symbol.

– “Basic” is assigned to the “Slippery” and “Comfort” drive programs. Here the AMG GT demonstrates exceptionally stable handling characteristics with high yaw damping.
– “Advanced” is activated in the “Sport” programme. The AMG GT is then neutrally balanced. The lower yaw damping, lower steering angle requirement and enhanced agility support dynamic manoeuvres such as driving on winding country roads.
– “Pro” (abbreviation for “professional”) is part of the “Sport+” programme. In “Pro” the driver receives even more assistance for dynamic driving manoeuvres while agility and precision are further enhanced when taking corners.
– “Master” (only available for GT C, GT S and GT R) is connected to the RACE drive programme. “Master” mode is aimed at drivers who want to experience dynamism and the driving enjoyment on closed-off circuits. “Master” offers an extremely neutral vehicle balance, low steer angle requirement and more agile steering. In this way, “Master” ensures maximum agility and fully exploits the dynamic potential.


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