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2019 Mercedes C200 Sedan – Stylish And Sporty


2019 Mercedes C200 Sedan – Stylish And Sporty. 2019 Mercedes-Benz C200 Sedan – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Color: Grey Metallic. Subscribe.

A new generation of four-cylinder petrol engines Is being launched in the new C-Class. At the same time the 1.5-litre versions in the C 200 and C 200 4MATIC have an additional 48 volt system with a belt-driven starter/alternator:

– C 200: 135 kW/184 hp, 280 Nm; add. output of electric motor 10 kW, add. torque of electric motor 160 Nm;
– C 200 4MATIC: 135 kW/184 hp, 280 Nm; add. output of electric motor 10 kW, add. torque of electric motor 160 Nm;

The combination of a 48 volt on-board network and EQ Boost creates the conditions for additional functions that help to reduce fuel consumption even further, while improving agility and comfort characteristics. When accelerating, EQ Boost can assist the 135 kW (184 hp) engine with an additional 10 kW (14 hp), bridging the brief moment until the turbocharger has built up its full charge pressure. This boosting is also used to reach the engine’s ideal rpm as quickly as possible during gearshifts. The shift time of the automatic transmission is shortened as a result. During deceleration, the starter/alternator recuperates kinetic energy and charges the battery. The water pump is electrically driven and actuated by a characteristic map. This optimally adapts the cooling output to the current need.

Other advantages include the gliding mode with the engine switched off, and the recuperative braking with intelligent engine stop when the vehicle is coasting. The start/stop system operates particularly comfortably thanks to the belt-driven starter/alternator, as the engine restarts almost silently, with low vibrations and very rapidly.

The C 200, C 220 d and C 400 are available with 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive for improved traction and driving stability, especially in adverse road conditions. The 4MATIC has an active all-wheel torque distribution of 45 % to the front and 55 % to the rear. As ever, the combination of the ESP® driving dynamics control system with the 4ETS electronic traction system makes regular differential locks superfluous. This saves weight and noticeably improves handling safety as well as ride comfort.

The all-wheel drive is standard equipment for the Mercedes-AMG C 43, and features rear-biased torque distribution with a front/rear axle split of 31 to 69 percent.

The new-look C-Class combines emotionality with intelligence. The vehicle’s appearance is defined in particular by its front and the design of the headlamps and tail lights.

With the model facelift, both the Saloon and Estate feature the diamond grille as standard in combination with AMG Line. The front bumpers have been redesigned for all lines. These new designs render the EXCLUSIVE exterior of the Saloon and Estate even more expressive, and lend the AVANTGARDE exterior a yet more dynamic character. The front bumper features either a silver trim strip (standard), a chrome-plated trim strip (in combination with AVANTGARDE exterior) or a three-part chrome trim strip (EXCLUSIVE exterior). In conjunction with AMG Exterior, the vehicle sports an AMG front apron with a new geometry and at the rear the insert in diffuser-look comes in a new design. The rear bumper of these models has a new lower section; geometry, trim and tailpipe trim vary according to the selected equipment and engine variant.

The design of the front and rear lamps is defined by clear-lined contours. Exquisitely crafted details add highlights and underscore the modern character. The C-Class (Saloon and Estate) comes with halogen headlamps incorporating LED daytime running lamps as standard. LED High Performance headlamps featuring a particularly striking interior design are optionally available (standard for Cabriolet and Coupé). For the first time in this model series, MULTIBEAM LED headlamps with ULTRA RANGE high beam are additionally available (see below for details).

The optionally available MULTIBEAM LED headlamps are new to the C-Class. New functions in comparison to the previously available LED Intelligent Light System are junction light, roundabout light, city light and bad-weather light.

In high-beam mode, Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus enables continuous long-range illumination of the road ahead without dazzling oncoming traffic. When no other road user is detected, the road ahead is straight and the vehicle speed is above 40 km/h, ULTRA RANGE high beam is switched on automatically. When there are oncoming vehicles or vehicles ahead, the LEDs of the main beam modules are partially switched off, masking out a U-shaped area of the light beam.


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