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2019 Mercedes CLA 220 d – Emotional And Intelligent Four-Door Compact Coupe


2019 Mercedes CLA 220 d – Emotional And Intelligent Four-Door Compact Coupe. 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA 220 d Coupe – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Color: Digital White Metallic. Subscribe.

2019 Mercedes CLA 220d Coupe Technical Data At A Glance:

Engine series: OM 654q
Transmission: 8G-DCT
Bore (mm): 82
Stroke (mm): 92.4
Displacement (cc): 1950
Compression ratio: 15,5:1
Output (kW/hp): 140/190 at rpm 3800
Max. engine speed (rpm): 400
Max. torque (Nm): 1.600-2.600 at rpm 140/190

The more powerful diesel versions of the new CLA have the current premium OM 654q two-litre diesel engine adapted for transverse installation. On the inside, the OM 654q offers efficiency-enhancing technological highlights such as steel pistons with stepped bowls in an aluminium block. The cylinder liners are coated using the further-improved NANOSLIDE® process.

The compact engine allows all components of the exhaust aftertreatment system to be installed directly on the engine itself where the exhaust temperature is higher, making for more efficient aftertreatment. Thanks to further improved exhaust aftertreatment, the powerful four-cylinder from the modern OM 654 engine family already meets the Stage 2 RDE (Real Driving Emissions) standard coming into force from 2020, and is certified to Euro 6d. (More information on RDE in the next chapter: Under the microscope – Real Driving Emissions).

Thanks to the near-engine insulated configuration, the emission control system has little heat loss and ideal operating conditions. The measures taken include

– high- and low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation including cooling,
– a diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) to avoid the emission of carbon monoxide (CO) and unburned hydrocarbons (HC),
– a particulate filter with SCR catalytic function (sDPF),
– an SCR catalytic converter (selective catalytic reduction) for reducing nitrogen oxides. For this purpose, ammonia in the form of the carrier AdBlue® is added to the exhaust gases before entering the sDPF,
– an additional selective catalytic reduction (SCR) converter with an ammonia slip catalyst (ASC) in the exhaust tract.
– The engine offered in two power variants in the CLA 200 d (110 kW/150 hp) and in the CLA 220 d (140 kW/190 hp) delivers its superior power to the 8G DCT dual clutch transmission. The gear ratios are closer together on account of the additional gear range, which makes for enhanced ease of shifting and extends the possibility of using the engine in the best possible operating point. At the same time, the 8th gear has a longer ratio, and at constant speeds on the motorway, for example, rpm is decreased which is good for efficiency and noise comfort.

The new CLA has tangibly more space at many spots in the interior. At the front, for example, headroom has increased by 17 mm and elbow room by 35 mm. Thanks to a wider opening (+262 mm), the boot compartment is now more convenient to load than the predecessor model.

A generous feeling of space thanks to the widescreen display and the special wrap around architecture of the dashboard are combined with high-quality materials.

The CLA possesses the latest version of the MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience – voice control. The ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice assistant can recognise and answer even complex queries on an increasing number of topics.

The MBUX interior assistant recognises operating requests from movements. This makes various comfort and MBUX functions even simpler and more intuitive. On request MBUX also comes with augmented reality. A video image of the surroundings taken with the front camera is augmented with helpful navigation information.

For the first time, the CLA is able to drive semi-autonomously in certain situations. Functional scopes from the S-Class are available in the Driving Assistance Package.

The optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps allow quick and precise adjustment of the headlamps to the current road and traffic conditions. With the adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus, the high beam can remain on at all times, because approaching traffic or traffic up ahead is masked out by partially deactivating individual high-beam modules.

All variants of the new CLA Coupé offer very good aerodynamic drag (cd value from 0.23). Despite the wider track, the frontal area remained the same size as on the predecessor model (2.21 m2).

The design underlines the coupé character with its stretched form and design elements such as the bonnet with powerdomes or the rear licence plate which has been moved down. With the greenhouse moved back, the sporty GT rear achieves a balance between elegance and sportiness.


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