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2019 Opel Zafira Life – Multi-Purpose Passenger Car


2019 Opel Zafira Life – Multi-Purpose Passenger Car. 2019 Opel Zafira Life – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Subscribe.

Attractive, flexible and practical vans are named Zafira. Twenty years after the success began with the first generation, the story is now continuing with a newly developed fourth-generation model. The Opel Zafira Life is a fun-to-drive as well as comfortable multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that the German carmaker will offer in three lengths, tailor-made to customer requirements: the 4.60 metre “Small”, the 4.95 m “Medium” and the 5.30 m “Large” – each of which comes with up to nine seats. The “S” version of the Zafira Life is about ten centimetres shorter than the current Zafira, while the “L” is around 65 cm longer and therefore nearly as big as the Vivaro Combi passenger van. The Zafira Life thus covers up to three vehicle segments and represents a new benchmark among multi-seat MPVs.

The Zafira Life meets all demands – from the versatile interiors, high comfort and sophisticated driver assistance systems, to state-of-the-art infotainment, head-up display, camera and radar-based active cruise control. The advanced technology is paired with a bold look, balanced proportions, short overhangs and the typical Opel fascia. Driver and passengers benefit from a two-piece panorama roof and an opening window in the tailgate.

For the best traction on loose surfaces, the Zafira Life is equipped with the advanced IntelliGrip traction control. A 4×4 version will also be available to order from the start of sales. The all-wheel drive system is supplied by the off-road specialists at Dangel. Opel will offer a purely electric version in early 2021, another milestone on the journey to electrifying the brand.

Stylish, highly equipped shuttles are in great demand in this market segment. Opel therefore offers leather seats on aluminium rails that allow full and easy adjustment for all versions of the Zafira Life. Five, six, seven or eight leather-seat configurations are available. The folding back of the front passenger seat allows the transportation of objects up to 3.50 m in length. Folding the third row seats increases the luggage capacity of the Zafira Life “S” to 1,500 litres (to roof level). The removal of the rear seats (which are equally easy to reinstall) raises the total cargo capacity to as much as 3,397 litres.

Luxurious “Lounge” trim is available for the long wheelbase versions – in front, seats with massage and electric heating, four movable leather chairs behind, each with a 48 cm wide seat cushion. VIP passengers can thus also sit facing each other and enjoy the legroom. The movable table also folds away to provide additional storage space for small objects. Passengers can charge their mobile devices using the 230 V plug socket.

Most versions of the Zafira Life are less than 1.90 m high and can therefore access typical underground garages – important for use as hotel shuttle.

The new Opel MPV features numerous driver assistance systems. A camera and radar monitor the area in front of the vehicle. The system even recognises pedestrians crossing the road and can initiate an emergency braking manoeuver at speeds up to 30 km/h. The intelligent cruise control adjusts the speed to that of the vehicle in front, automatically decelerates and can reduce the speed to 20 km/h if necessary. Lane-keep assist and drowsiness alert warn drivers if they have spent too much time at the wheel and need a break. High-beam assist, which automatically switches to high or low beam, is activated above 25 km/h. Also unique in this market segment is the colour head-up display that shows speed, distance to the preceding vehicle and navigation.

Good all-round visibility is particularly important in larger vehicles, for example in narrow streets or when making turns in urban areas. Ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear bumpers alert the driver to obstacles of every kind when parking. The image from the rear view camera is displayed on the interior mirror or the 7.0-inch screen – the latter with 180-degree visibility from the bird’s eye view.

The large 7.0-inch touchscreen comes with Multimedia and Multimedia Navi infotainment. Both systems feature phone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Multimedia Navi additionally features European navigation with 3D view. Points of interest in large towns are displayed in “Full HD” quality. As an option, the geography along the route on cross-country journeys is shown very realistically. Thanks to Opel Connect, the navigation system includes real time traffic information for the latest status on the roads. A powerful sound system is available with all trim levels. In the top-of-the-line version, passengers enjoy first class acoustics thanks to 10 loudspeakers.


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