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2019 Volkswagen T-Cross – Cooler than the T-Roc


2019 Volkswagen T-Cross – Cooler than the T-Roc. 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross Exterior. Subscribe.

The T-Cross wants to be cool and practical. Its motto: “I am more.” Using this claim, it will celebrate its world premiere this fall. It won’t cost more than other vehicles in its class, but it will offer more. The T-Cross is digital and networked. Numerous assistance systems make it one of the safest cars in its class.

The aspect of coolness is an obvious feature of this car. The dominant radiator grille, the prominent wheels with 18-inch rims. Driving the T-Cross is equally cool. Front-wheel-drive and a length of 4.10 meters make for a very agile performance. The raised seating position allows for improved visibility. That’s what makes sport utility vehicles so successful. Says Andreas Krüger, “The higher seating position makes the car feel a lot more spacious inside.”

Two years after it was introduced as a concept, the T-Cross is now on its way to its world premiere. On its test drive, the experts don’t reveal all of the car’s details. They just give a few hints. As an option, the T-Cross will be available with a digital cockpit, including an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen, the active info display, four USB connections, and wireless charging for smartphones. Also available in the car’s five trim levels is a 300 watt Beats sound system with subwoofer.

The practicality of the T-Cross will quickly become obvious to passengers in the back. The rear seat row is adjustable by up to 15 centimeters. “The T-Cross is extremely flexible, thanks to the modular transverse toolkit. When you go on vacation with kids and lots of luggage, you can slide the rear seats forward to create the maximum amount of storage in the trunk,” explains Andreas Krüger. “And when you take your grown-up friends out for a ride around town, you just slide the seats back for added comfort.”

In Europe, the T-Cross will become the fifth SUV of the Volkswagen brand, next to the T-Roc, the Tiguan, the Tiguan Allspace and the Touareg. It will also be sold in China and South America. “There is a clear genetic thread that connects all SUVs of the Volkswagen brand,” says chief designer Klaus Bischoff. “The T-Cross has a little bit of Touareg genetics in it, as can be seen in the front and the construction itself. Not too much. Just enough to recognize the Volkswagen DNA. And that’s very important.

The T-Cross will be offered in twelve different paint colors and, just like its big brother, the T-Roc, will be available in a bi-color theme. The T-Cross is more practical and cooler than the T-Roc, while the T-Roc is more compact.


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