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2020 Alpine A110S – Awesome Mid-Engine Sports Car


2020 Alpine A110S – Awesome Mid-Engine Sports Car. 2020 Alpine A110S – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Subscribe.

Alpine A110S Technical Data:

Fuel type: Petrol
Engine type: 1.8L 4cyl. 16v turbocharged
Maximum power: 292PS @ 6400rpm
Maximum torque: 320Nm from 2000rpm to 6400rpm
Architecture: mid-engined, rear-wheel drive
Gearbox type: 7-speed DCT, wet clutch
Unladen weight (DIN): 1114kg
Power to weight ratio: 3.8kg/PS (262PS/tonne)
Dimensions: 4180/1798/1248mm (length/width/height)
Wheelbase: 2419mm
Track width front: 1556mm
Track width rear: 1553mm
Chassis: double wishbones front and rear
Brakes front: 4 piston fixed caliper, 320mm discs
Brakes rear: single piston floating caliper, 320mm discs
Drag coefficient: Cd: 0.32
Drag area: Cd*A: 0.621 (A 1.94m²)
Fuel tank: 45 litres
Boot capacity front: 96 litres
Boot capacity rear: 100 litres
Wheels and tyres: 215/40R18 (front), 245/40R18 (rear)
Top speed: 260kph, 162mph
Acceleration: 0-100kph (62mph) 4.4 seconds
Fuel consumption (urban/extra urban/combined): 8.8l / 5.2l / 6.5l
Emissions (NEDC / BT): 146g/km

With engine power increased by 40PS over existing versions of the A110, the A110S is the fastest and most powerful version in the range, with a top speed set at 260km/h. The characterful 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine remains, but turbocharger boost pressure is increased by 0.4bar to deliver greater performance.

The peak power output of 292PS arrives at 6400rpm, some 400rpm higher up the rev range than the other versions maximum power output. Torque is rated at 320Nm and is available from 2000rpm to 6400rpm which is 1400rmp higher than on the 252PS engine. Consequently, the A110S’s engine is not only more powerful, but also more thrilling in its delivery.

Drive is sent to the rear wheels via a seven-speed Getrag dual-clutch transmission. A brakebased e-differential system (brake torque vectoring), meanwhile, ensures the A110S delivers very sharp and immediate drive away from a corner with minimal wheelspin.

From suspension setup to stability control calibration, and from wheel geometry to tyre construction and compound, the A110S’s chassis has been honed to deliver an intense driving experience.

At its core the A110S uses the same very lightweight and compact aluminium body structure as in any A110, but the unique configuration of the chassis gives the new version a distinct dynamic character. The new coil springs are stiffer by 50 per cent and the dampers have been tuned accordingly. The anti-roll bars – hollow to minimise weight – are firmer by 100 per cent.

The lowered ride height, reduced by 4mm, optimises the car’s centre of gravity and lends the A110S excellent high-speed stability and instantaneous steering response. The bump stops have been tuned for ultimate body control. Overall, the focused chassis setup results in a high level of handling precision and dynamic efficiency.

New wheels and tyres (215mm on the front axle and 245mm at the rear) and a specific construction and compound for the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres give the A110S great mechanical grip. The new tyres and the various chassis revisions ensure the A110S has a dynamic character of its own, both in theoretical terms and also in the way the car feels from behind the steering wheel.

Accordingly, the electronic stability control programme has been configured, particularly in Track mode, for ultimate precision and stability. The ESC system can still be fully disengaged.

Fitted as standard are the powerful Brembo brake calipers and 320mm bi-material discs that are optionally available on other versions of the A110.

With styling elements all of its own, the A110S is clearly distinguished from the rest of the A110 model range. New exterior design touches such as flag details on the rearmost pillars in carbon fibre and orange, black Alpine script across the rear, orange brake calipers and version specific “GT Race” wheels with a dark finish also mirror the car’s focused character. The A110S looks purposeful with its lower ride height, while an optional Gris Tonnerre paint in a matte finish, exclusive to the A110S, further underlines the car’s sporting nature.

Within the cabin, orange stitching replaces the signature blue stitching found in other versions of the A110. Sophisticated black Dinamica upholstery for the roof lining, sun visors and door panels perfectly underlines the new version’s uncompromising personality. The seats, also trimmed in Dinamica, are Sabelt items that weigh just 13.1kg apiece. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and Dinamica with an orange 12 o’clock marker and stitching to match. The pedals and footrests are lightweight aluminium, while the cabin is neatly set off by carbon fibre and orange flag emblems to match those found on the outside of the car.


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