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2020 Honda E – RWD Fun To Drive Compact Electric Hatchback


2020 Honda E – RWD Fun To Drive Compact Electric Hatchback. 2020 Honda E – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Subscribe.

2020 Honda E Technical Specifications:
Engine Type: BEV
Driven Wheels: RWD
Transmission Type: Automatic single speed Fixed Reduction Gear
Electric Motor Max Power(kW [PS]): 100 [136] (Honda e), 113 [154] (Honda e Advance)
Electric Motor Max Torque (Nm): 315
0 → 100 km/h (seconds): 9 (Honda e), 8.3 (Honda e Advance)
Max Speed (km/h): 145
All-electric range (WLTP): 222 km (Honda e, Honda e Advance 16″ Alloy), 210 km (Honda e Advance 17″ Alloy)
EV Battery Capacity (kWh): 35.5
Electric Motor Type: DC
On Board Charger Type: AC Charger
On Board Charger Capacity: 6.6kW AC
Charging time to 100% (from when low charge light comes on): 7.4kW Public AC Type 2: 4.1 hours, 2.3 kW Home AC Type 2: 18.8 hours
Charging time to 80% (from when low charge light comes on) – Rapid Charge DC: 100 kW CCS2 charge point: 30 min, 50 kW CCS2 charge point: 31 minutes
Battery – Thermal Management: Active
Battery – Chemistry: Lithium Ion
Front and rear suspension: MacPherson strut, forged aluminium (knuckle arm and lower arm)
STEERING Type: Variable ratio
Steering turns (lock to lock): 3.1 turns
Turning radius (at wheels): 4.3 metre
Turning radius (at body): 4.6 metre
BRAKES Front: Generation-2 Electric servo Brakes 15inch caliper, ventilated disc
BRAKES Rear: Generation-2 Electric servo Brakes 15inch caliper, solid disc (with EPB)
Length (mm): 3,895
Width (mm): 1,750
Ground Clearance – with Driver (mm): 145.2
Ground Clearance – with Full Load (mm): 118.7
Trunk Capacity – Rear Seat up (litres, VDA method): 171
Trunk Capacity – Rear Seat Down Load to Roof (litres, VDA method): 861
Trunk Capacity – Rear Seat Down Load to Window (litres, VDA method): 571
Kerb Weight (kg): 1514(Honda e), 1527 (Honda e Advance)

The compact EV features cutting-edge technology and advanced intelligent connectivity to keep owners in sync with everyday life. The Honda e sets new technology benchmarks in the compact EV segment, with intuitive infotainment services and connected apps that seamlessly integrate with the owner’s modern lifestyle, accessed via the dual touchscreen displays, Honda Personal Assistant artificial intelligence or via the My Honda+ smartphone app.

The Honda Personal Assistant (HPA) integrated artificial intelligence agent develops a greater understanding of an individual’s voice over time, helping it to deliver more accurate responses and connecting car and driver to modern life with ease. Advanced technology designed to simplify the driver’s experience includes digital key, which enables secure access to the car via a smartphone, and the seamless entry system that ensures the Honda e is unlocked, connected and ready to go whenever the driver approaches the car.

Designed without compromise and with a focus on functionality and usability, the Honda e features a seamless, sleek and modern appearance. From the signature front and rear LED light combinations and stylish glass charging port cover, to the clean lines and flush features that optimise aerodynamic efficiency and refinement, the Honda e reimagines the identity of a small Honda for the next era of urban mobility.

Emphasising this exacting design philosophy is the Side Camera Mirror System (SCMS) that replaces conventional side view mirrors, with compact cameras that provide live images to two six-inch screens inside the vehicle. The camera technology, a first in the compact segment, brings significant benefits for safety, aerodynamics and packaging.

Complementing the simple and clean exterior styling, the interior uses subtle, contemporary materials to create a relaxing lounge-like ambience that immediately insulates occupants from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The generous wheelbase allows passenger space comparable with that of cars in the segment above, with step-through access contributing to the spacious interior environment.

The Honda e provides the most comprehensive range of driver aids in its class, for ultimate safety when navigating busy streets. An enhanced suite of safety features sees the addition of three new safety technologies to the Honda e including Collision Mitigation Throttle Control, preventing sudden acceleration in either reverse or drive upon starting the car when there is an obstacle in the way; Low Speed Brake Function which applies emergency braking while driving at low speed, and Lead Car Departure Notification System which notifies the driver when the car in front has started moving.

Another new feature is Honda Parking Pilot which provides further driver support by monitoring for parking spaces and highlighting on the HMI screens a suitable position to begin assisted parking.


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