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2020 Lamborghini Super SUV Urus – Paint Shop


2020 Lamborghini Super SUV Urus – Paint Shop. The new paint shop for the Super SUV Urus has just been inaugurated at the production site in Sant’Agata Bolognese: craftsmanship and digitalization meet in the cutting-edge plant, thus embodying the first step towards artificial intelligence. The innovative technologies inspired by the concepts of Factory 4.0 and a modular structure make possible a range of color personalizations never seen before. Manifattura Lamborghini thus reaches a new level of development of the model, characterized by modularity, flexibility, and the maximum personalization.

With the new paint shop, Lamborghini can offer its customers infinite color options. The colors are divided into four types: standard, special, matte, and Ad Personam. Through the Ad Personam program, customers can not only choose to personalize their car with the colors and graphics they prefer, but can also create their own unique and special color, as in a true work of art.

Significant investments on the industrial front were accompanied by an increase in the workforce, with the addition of about 200 highly specialized individuals and a training plan aimed at consolidating and increasing the skills of the personnel who have already been working on the new project. The paint shop completed the expansion of the production site, which has grown from 80,000 sqm in 2016 to extend today over 160,000 sqm of built-on area. The new plant also confirms Automobili Lamborghini’s longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability.

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