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2020 Mazda MX-30 – Sporty, Fun EV Crossover coupe-like


2020 Mazda MX-30 – Sporty, Fun EV Crossover coupe-like. Mazda’s first production full electric car has finally been revealed, and it’s called the MX-30. And the name and shape point to it being a sporty, fun EV, though we’re still waiting for more details.
Starting with the name, the 30 designation gives you an idea of its size, which is similar to the upcoming CX-30, itself close to the Mazda3 hatchback. And importantly, it has the MX prefix, which is only used on Mazda’s sporty cars, typically with piston engines. The RX prefix is for sporty rotary cars. So clearly the aim of this car is to be fun.

Its shape points to sportiness, too. It has a fastback roofline that is coupe-like. In fact, you could arguably call this a coupe, since it uses the same type of rear half-door arrangement found on the RX-8 and Saturn Ion coupes. And of course it was used on the less coupe-like Honda Element and Toyota FJ Cruiser. The roof also is available in a contrasting graphite color. The lower half of the body is simple, and a bit boxy with the blunt nose. That nose features a much smaller rendition of Mazda’s pentagonal grille, and the grille blends into the headlights. And like all crossovers, the MX-30 has big plastic fender flares.

Inside, the MX-30 features a typically minimalist, modern dashboard that’s low and wide. New for the MX-30 is a touchscreen display for climate control functions, and it sits on a “floating” center stack and console. The cabin features unique materials such as fabric made from plastic bottles, and cork in the center console. That cork is made of leftovers from a cork stopper company, and it’s a nice throwback to Mazda’s origins as a cork producer.

While we get a great look at the MX-30 inside and out, Mazda was light on critical details for an electric car: power and range. Both are mysteries, though it seems it is a single-motor vehicle, and so is likely front-drive only. It does feature an electric version of G-Vectoring Control, which is the system that reduces torque with steering input to shift weight forward for a larger front contact patch and more eager turn-in. The battery, located in the floor of the car, is cooled with a refrigerant, so it isn’t simply air-cooled, and the car will be compatible with DC fast charging stations.

Mazda also didn’t provide an on-sale date for the MX-30. We expect it will be available sometime in the next year. Whether it will come to America is also an open question. But as a stylish crossover, it seems like it would be an EV with U.S. sales potential.

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