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2020 Mazda2 – Sophisticated Compact Hatchback


2020 Mazda2 – Sophisticated Compact Hatchback. 2020 Mazda2 – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Color: Soul Red Crystal. Subscribe.

The new 2020 Mazda2 is available with a choice of three Skyactiv-G 1,5l, DOHC 16 valve petrol engine, front-wheel drive powertrains – 75 PS and 90 PS MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle) variants with six-speed manual transmissions, and a 90 PS unit mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox.

The 75 PS unit develops maximum power at 6000rpm and maximum torque of 135 Nm at 3800rpm. It will accelerate the Mazda2 from 0-100km/h in 11.4 seconds and on to a top speed of 171km/h.

The 90 PS engine develops maximum power at 6000rpm, and maximum torque of 148Nm at 4000rpm. It offers 0-100km/h acceleration in 9.8 seconds and a 183kph maximum speed.

Combined with a six-speed automatic transmission, the 90 PS unit matches the power and torque out of the MHEV variant, accelerates from 0-100km/h in 12.0 seconds and has a top speed of 177km/h.

Incorporating Mazda’s latest technology concepts has facilitated a balance of linearity in response to handling and ride comfort, at a higher level than ever before.

The saturation characteristics of the front and rear dampers have been optimised. The valve design of both the front and rear dampers has been changed, and the rear dampers further benefit from an increased radius.

These modifications increase damping force in the low-speed damping range on reasonably even road surfaces for smoother movement, while decreasing damping force in the high-speed damping range when driving on rough roads, resulting in significantly improved smoothness and stability.
In addition, a change of the rear damper top mount to a urethane type reduces spring characteristics for enhanced responsiveness to fine vibrations and improved ride comfort.

This upgraded suspension system demonstrates linear damping force at the slightest input, while firmly suppressing bounce in response to larger inputs to achieve a high-quality ride.

The proven colour schemes and excellent finish of the interior have been further refined by the addition of three new, distinctive and individual interior schemes. They incorporate new leather upholstery, door and dash trim, kneepads, and air-conditioning vent louvers to reinforce the premium visual and tactile quality of the updated cabin.

Leather interiors feature a mature colour scheme based on a Blue-Grey shade, the appearance of which alters subtly in changing light. The Black Granlux (a suede-like artificial leather) interior finish with white accents creates a modern, urban-focused look.

The high-grade fabric interior features a deep Navy Blue accented with warm Silver for an airy yet dignified feel. And the standard fabric interior combines Brown and Black to create a soft, chic ambience.

These leather and fabric interiors use rich, high-quality materials and refined colour coordination to emphasise a feeling of both spaciousness and prestige.

Mazda’s research into NVH has resulted in a new approach to the control of sounds entering the cabin, providing a higher quality quietness for all occupants that enables natural conversation to be enjoyed in any seat.

A thicker cabin ceiling headliner, the addition of back door seal lips and vibration damping material on the inner rear wheel housing have improved sound absorption and sound insulation performance, particularly for rear seat occupants. Damper improvements and newly developed tyres also suppress road surface vibration and reduce road noise.

All of these measures minimise the intrusion of sound and promptly control reverberant and reflected sound to deliver a pleasantly hushed interior that sets a new benchmark for compact car interior quietness.

The Mazda2 designers have imbued the new hatchback with a sense of width, stability and elegance by simplifying and eliminating elements. It is styled with simple yet rich surfacing, and a horizontal emphasis to reinforce the car’s broad stance and low centre of gravity.

Within the compact package, the front and rear bumpers, front grille, headlights and rear combination lights have been updated to create a finely chiseled, sculpted form with a luxurious, premium quality appearance.

The signature wing has been significantly extended for a wider, more bold appearance, and the wing tips underscore a sharp new LED headlamp design. The adoption of a stud pattern in the grille design gives it a solid yet dynamic look.

The lower front and rear bumpers feature horizontal plated trim garnishes at their extremities to further reinforce both the prestige of the new design and the wide, planted appearance of the vehicle. And newly-designed 16-inch alloy wheels are trimmed with high-gloss paint to further heighten the premium appearance of the new Mazda2.


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