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2020 Mercedes AMG CLA 35 Shooting Brake – gorgeous wagon


2020 Mercedes AMG CLA 35 Shooting Brake – gorgeous wagon. There are plenty of cars the U.S. never receives. They’re either performance oriented or of a particular body style few Americans enjoy such as wagons. So, when an automaker, often German in origin, announces a new performance wagon that won’t come to the U.S., it’s a tad sad, but understandable. Today, Mercedes-Benz revealed the CLA Shooting Brake, a svelte wagon that can make one mighty jealous. It has practical performance rolled into a deluxe package. What more could a person want?

Under the hood is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder producing 302 horsepower (225 kilowatts), which pairs with Mercedes’ seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Power goes to all four wheels thanks to the AMG Performance 4MATIC four-wheel drive system. Mercedes claims the CLA 35 Shooting Brake can sprint from zero to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in a respectable 4.9 seconds, identical to the standard CLA 35. Its top speed is electronically-limited to 155 mph.

While Mercedes painted the debut car in bright yellow paint, the overall styling is subdued. The CLA 35 Shooting Brake comes with 18-inch wheels while 19-inch wheels are optional. It features a unique body kit and dual exhaust. Five drive modes are available through AMG Dynamic Select – Smoothness, Comfort, Sport, Sport +, and Individual. There’s also the optional AMG Track Pace, which is part of the MBUX infotainment system. It can record more than 80 vehicle-specific data, including speed and acceleration.

No, U.S. customers won’t be able to get the Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Shooting Brake nor the sportier CLA 45 version whenever Mercedes unveils that one. The CLA 35 Shooting Brake is just another piece of forbidden fruit we can’t have. It looks great, has enough performance to satisfy most canyon carvers, and is practical, too.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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