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2020 Peugeot e-2008 GT – Electric Versatile SUV


2020 Peugeot e-2008 GT – Electric Versatile SUV. 2020 Peugeot e-2008 GT – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Subscribe.

Peugeot e-2008 GT Technical Specifications:

Electric motor technology: Synchronous with permanent magnet
Maximum power in kW (or bhp): 100 (136)
Maximum torque (Nm) / engine speed (rpm): 260
Gearbox: single-speed gearbox
Tyres: 215/65 R16 215/60 R17 215/55 R18
Maximum speed (kph): 150 (sport mode)
Autonomy WLTP (NEDC): 310 km (430 km)
Battery capacity: 50 KWH
Overall length: 4300
Body width to handles / with door mirrors folded / open: 1770 / 1815 / 1987
Kerb height (with full tank): 1530 – 1550
Wheelbase: 2605
Front overhang / Rear overhang: 870 / 825
Front track / Rear track: 1540 / 1550
Boot volume (litres of water) – VDA V210: 405
Kerb weight (with full): 1 548

An essential marker of the PEUGEOT brand, the dynamic behaviour of the new SUV PEUGEOT e-2008 has been the subject of careful attention and provides a touch of road and driving pleasure comparable to petrol and diesel versions. The drive axles have been adapted and the weight distribution is optimal.

The charging time depends on the power available:

– 16h for full charge from a Legrand® Green Up™ plug,
– between 5h15 and 8h for a complete charge with a WallBox (three phase 11 kW with optional charger or single phase 7.4 kW)
– 30mn to recover 80% of battery with the 100 kW public terminals, the thermal regulation of the battery makes it possible to use terminals with this power.

The programmable delayed charge is available from the navigation screen or from your smartphone with the MyPeugeot® application. This can also start charging at any time and allows you to check the charge level remotely.

For the highest level of thermal comfort, specific equipment has been developed:

– a 5 kW heating resistor and a 3kW climate compressor which are supplied by the traction battery, to provide heating and cooling in the passenger compartment,
– a heat pump and automatic regulation of the passenger compartment temperature to guarantee a level of comfort equivalent to the internal combustion versions. The system is suitable for optimized energy consumption,
– pleasant heated seats (depending on the version),
– thermal pre-conditioning programmable from the touchscreen or remotely via the MyPeugeot® smartphone app. Offering an ideal temperature in the cockpit as of the rise on board, this comfort is not done to the detriment of autonomy: when the vehicle is connected, energy necessary comes directly from the terminal of refill.

The new SUV PEUGEOT e-2008 does not have a specific silhouette but some captivating details that subtly underline its electrified personality:

– a sparkling dichroic Lion, with reflections alternating between green and blue depending on the angle of view,
– a specific “e” monogram on the front fenders and the tailgate,
– an elegant, body-coloured front grille with beads,
– exclusive seat upholstery in Alcantara© “Greval Grey” on e-2008 GT,
– finally, the on-board experience is complemented by a display specific to the electric version in the 3D receiver as well as in the touch screen.


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