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2020 Renault CLIO 5 – Walkaround Exterior and Interior


2020 Renault CLIO 5 – Walkaround Exterior and Interior. Introduced in 1990 as Renault’s proposition for the European B-segment, the Clio has grown to become the carmaker’s flagship model, with 150 million units sold since. At the Geneva Motor Show, the fifth generation of the Clio was presented this week.

The car is the first to be built on Renault’s new CMF-B modular platform that will be shared with Alliance partner Nissan. Its use means that 85 percent of the parts used in the 2020 Clio are new.

Showing a more “mature body styling and an entirely revamped interior,” the new Clio aims to continue the success of its bloodline in the years to come, offering European customers the choice between several special variants, including the RS Line and Initiale Paris.

Visually, the exterior of the model comes with ribs on the front hood, a bigger grille, and a more pronounced front bumper, as well as a central air scoop for better air cooling. Because of the 14 mm trimmed off the length of the car and the 30 mm cut from its height, it also looks more aggressive.

The highlight of the new generation is, however, the interior, sporting a design Renault calls Smart Cockpit. It translates to the widest screens in the segment, and an overall look “inspired by higher-end segments, both in terms of perceived quality and available technology.”

Engine wise, the new Clio will offer as usual a wide range of options, with power ranging from 65 to 130 hp, but the highlight of the lineup is the E-Tech hybrid.

This unit uses a 1.6-liter gasoline engine paired to two electric motors and a 1.2 kWh battery. In this configuration, and taking into account the regenerative braking system, Renault says the new Clio can “drive up to 80% of the time in all-electric mode in the city, for a gain of up to 40% in fuel consumption compared with a conventional internal-combustion petrol engine in an urban cycle.”

The 2020 Renault Clio will become available in Europe later this year

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