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2020 Renault Kadjar 4×4 Black Edition – Off-road Driving, Design, Interior


2020 Renault Kadjar 4×4 Black Edition – Off-road Driving, Design, Interior. The new Renault kadjar 2020 is more powerful with the 1.7 dCi 150 hp turbodiesel, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions, but increases performance. For those who love off-road, there is four-wheel drive. The new Renault Kadjar 1.7 dCi 150 4×4 is ready for adventure, even on the most inaccessible roads.

Fresh from restyling, the new Renault Kadjar 2020 is positioned in the segment of SUVs in the C segment. With over 600,000 units sold in 50 countries worldwide since 2015 and more than 60,000 in Italy, it has conquered a large slice of customers, thanks to modern design , comfortable interiors and dynamic qualities.

The new Renault Kadjar 2020 shows a more dynamic and sporty look (thanks to small interventions on the front and rear). It retains the traditional codes of SUVs, but becomes more robust and more statutory. Focus on comfort, quality and ergonomics, with a revised interior to make it even more enjoyable in everyday use. New seats, more accurate presentation of the environment, renewed air conditioning controls, new touch display of the infotimment system (always 7 “, but better integrated in the dashboard and is surrounded by a smaller number of physical controls).In addition to front-wheel drive, the new Renault Kadjar 2020 is available with all-wheel drive. The price starts at € 21,350. The Business version is also listed.

The latest addition to the new Renault Kadjar 2020 is the special Black Edition version, the setting that characterizes the high-end compact SUV (available on all engines). The new Renault Kadjar Black Edition features 19-inch “Total Black” diamond alloy wheels, front / rear skis and a distinctive look, thanks to the Nero Etoilé standard color (other colors are also available) and to the black inner lining of the ‘passenger compartment. In addition, the Alcantara upholstery with red stitching, the Easy access system, the Easy Break system, the LED fog lights, the Pure Vision full LED headlights and the R-link2 multimedia system with Radio Bose Dab are standard.

Not forgetting the various Adas: safety distance warning, Cruise control, Easy park assist, dead angle sensor, side parking sensors, active emergency braking system, Visio System (recognition of road signs with speed limit warning), automatic switching high beam headlights, fog lights with cornering function, track maintenance warning. Price: from 30.400 euros.

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