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2020 Renault MORPHOZ Concept – A shape-shifting SUV


2020 Renault MORPHOZ Concept – A shape-shifting SUV. With the 2020 Geneva Motor Show no more, Renault has lifted the virtual veils of its new concept vehicle, the Morphoz.

The name tells you from the very beginning this is not your ordinary concept vehicle. According to Renault, the Morphoz “blends attributes of a saloon, SUV and coupé into unique design optimized for efficiency and ease.”

This is a shape-shifting crossover concept endowed with Artificial Intelligence, Level 3 autonomy and an all-electric powertrain based on the new CMF-EV platform that will underpin a new family of Renault EVs.

The most intriguing part of the Renault Morphoz is undoubtedly its ability “to physically and technologically adapt between two modes depending on driver needs.”

The new architecture enables the batteries to be located beneath the floor in the rear, ensuring a low center of gravity and a short bonnet. This also results in a longer cabin and the possibility to push the dashboard forward when needed to free up additional storage and space for passengers – especially leg room for rear passengers. The fact that there is no transmission tunnel also contributes to increased leg room.

The Renault Morphoz can therefore transform into two different modes: a shorter City and a longer Travel version. In City mode, the Morphoz is 4.40-meters (173.2-in) long with a 2.73-meter (107.5-in) wheelbase. It comes equipped with a 40 kWh battery offering a range of up to 249 miles (400 km), enough for daily urban and suburban use.

In Travel mode, the Morphoz becomes 4.80-meters (189-in) long, with the wheelbase also growing to 2.93 meters (115.3 in). This allows it to accommodate additional battery capacity and offer a more spacious interior. In this mode, the vehicle can be equipped with a 90 kWh Travel Extender battery pack offering a total range of 435 miles (700 km).

If you’re curious how exactly the extending process works, the electric vehicle elongates and converts to Travel mode at a pre-determined battery station where the under tray of the vehicle opens and extra batteries can be installed in just a few seconds. After that, the driver can stop at another station to return the extra batteries and revert to City configuration.

Styling-wise, the Renault Morphoz embodies the brand’s Family Petal design strategy and “heralds a new family of electric models over the coming years.” The dramatic bodywork combines an Ivory Gold metallic finish and Electric Yellow details which contrasts with the gloss black of the interior.

The concept is said to preview a specific C-Shape light signature which will be used on future Renault EVs. It also features a backlit badge, closed-off radiator grille and active air inlets on the front bumper. There are also two vents on the bonnet to cool the Morphoz’s main computers which are clustered around the powertrain.

Inside, the Renault Morphoz features a futuristic steering wheel with a 10.2-inch screen at its center displaying essential driving and safety information. The dashboard is highly configurable and the cabin also allows for a face-to-face seating arrangement (except for the driver).

There’s a lot more to say about the Renault Morphoz but we don’t have the time and space to cover everything in detail. Suffice to say it’s also equipped with Level 3 autonomy, 5G onboard connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, and it makes smart use of batteries – including when they’re not in use. It remains to be seen how many of these features will make it to future Renault EVs.

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