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2021 Fiat 500 3+1 reveal – One More Door


2021 Fiat 500 3+1 reveal – One More Door. Hi guys! Fiat unveils the new Fiat 500 3+1 with this ‘la Prima’ Opening Edition.
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The Centro Stile designers have been working on a smart solution with identical dimensions to the cabrio and hatchback versions, but with a small third door on the passenger side. Just like the first 500 in 1957, which featured doors hinged to the rear: a return to the model’s roots in a fruitful dialog between past and future. The result is a new body, to add to the hatchback and cabrio, with unchanged dimensions and not a single centimeter added to the footprint.
The third ‘small door’ opens in the opposite direction, and given the lack of a center panel in the door itself, means you can jump in more comfortably, load and unload large items more easily and put your child on the back seat or booster seat in a quicker and more straightforward way. Once you’ve closed the small door, there’s no difference from any other 500: the same style, the same size. All this with a weight increase of only 30 kg, with no effect on the car’s handling or fuel consumption.
In terms of safety, it’s worth noting that the ‘small third door’ can only be opened with the front door already open, to ensure the rear passengers can’t open it by accident.
With the “3+1”, the 500 aims to remain alongside customers who have changed their habits and requirements, but not their taste. For customers who do not want to relinquish the beauty and allure the 500 brings with it, the New 500 3+1 is the answer. Thanks to the smart solution of the third door, everyone can take all their passions with them without compromising on style, while benefiting from the functionality the New 500 3+1 can offer.
Launch edition: New 500 3+1 “la Prima”
Just like the cabrio and hatchback, the New 500 3+1 is being presented at launch in the “la Prima” Opening Edition, distinguished by its style, exclusivity, technology and connectivity.

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