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2021 Hyundai IONIQ 5 – Interior, Exterior, Charging and Driving


2021 Hyundai IONIQ 5 – Interior, Exterior, Charging and Driving. Hyundai’s new Ioniq 5 electric hatchback will cost just under £37,000 when it goes on sale in the UK later this year. Available in a choice of two battery capacities and offered in rear- and four-wheel drive guises, the model will also come with the three basic trim levels, plus a high-end launch edition.

The mechanical options are fairly simple, with the cheapest models boasting a 58 kWh battery and an electric motor that feeds power to the rear wheels. That provides a range of up to 240 miles, but customers can choose the larger 73 kWh battery pack if they want to go further between trips to the plug.

Opting for that larger pack extends the range to up to 300 miles, but that will be slightly limited if you opt for the four-wheel drive variants. Those models still get a respectable 287-mile range, but they offer vastly improved performance.

Where the 58 kWh RWD models will get from 0-62 mph in 8.5 seconds thanks to their 168 bhp motors, the 73 kWh RWD cars offer 215 bhp – enough to cut that time by more than a second. But the 73 kWh AWD cars are even faster, with 300 bhp taking them from 0-62 mph in 5.2 seconds.

And the Ioniq 5 isn’t just quick in a straight line. With 800-volt charging as standard, you can charge the battery to 80 percent in just 18 minutes, as long as you can find a 350 kW “ultra-rapid” charge point. Use one of those and you can also add up to 62 miles of range from just five minutes of charging.

Also included in the £36,995 starting price are the 19-inch alloy wheels, digital instrument cluster and 12.3-inch navigation screen that mark out the entry-level SE Connect model. Available solely in 58 kWh guise, the car also comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a rear-view camera and rear parking sensors, as well as wireless phone charging and a range of safety gadgets.

Stepping up to the Premium model gets you a power-adjustable driving seat, heated front seats and a power-operated tailgate. Perhaps more importantly, though, the mid-range car offers you the chance to specify the 73 kWh battery pack with either rear- or four-wheel drive. Another appealing option is the Vehicle 2 Load pack, which allows customers to use the car’s battery to charge any electric devices, supplying up to 3.6 kW of power.

The main body of the range is completed by the Ultimate model, which starts at £42,295 and includes leather upholstery, privacy glass and heated rear seats. There’s a head-up display, too, and a Bose sound system, not to mention the chrome and gloss black exterior trim designed to give the car a more premium feel. And if you go for the optional 73 kWh battery, you get 20-inch alloy wheels to boot.

All those trims will line up alongside the limited-edition Project 45, which serves as a kind of ‘first-edition’ model for early-bird customers. Once the car is established in the market, the choice will be reduced to the three core trim levels.

“Hyundai is at the forefront of zero emission vehicle technology and is recognised as a leader in producing highly efficient electric vehicles,” said Ashley Andrew, the managing director of Hyundai Motor UK. “With Ioniq 5, we’ve taken this expertise and combined it with the highest level of progressive design to produce what has already become one of the most desirable models in our history. Ioniq 5 doesn’t change the game; it moves our EV offering on to a whole new level.”

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