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2021 Land Rover Defender 90 Hard Top – Durable Off-Road SUV


2021 Land Rover Defender 90 Hard Top – Durable Off-Road SUV. 2021 Land Rover Defender 90 Hard Top – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Please Consider Subscribing.

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Available in both 90 Hard Top and 110 Hard Top body designs, the durable interior of the new commercial model combines a two-seat passenger compartment – with the option of a third central jump seat – and a flexible, hard-wearing rear load bay that provides 1,355 and 2,059 litres of loadspace respectively.

By incorporating clever lockable underfloor storage solutions and a secure bulkhead partition, the experts at Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations have taken every step to maximise the space and practicality of the Defender in its transformation into the most usable and hard-wearing commercial Land Rover ever produced

The Defender Hard Top is powered exclusively by Land Rover’s strong and efficient Ingenium diesel engines, including D200, D250 and D300 in-line six-cylinder variants (certain EU5 markets offer in-line four-cylinder D200 for Defender 90 and D240 for Defender 110). All make use of the latest advanced Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (iAWD) system to distribute power and torque for optimum performance and efficiency.

All Defender Hard Top models come with a practical cargo area with a fixed full-height partition to separate occupants from the generous load area. The bulkhead boosts security and safety and preserves the refined driving experience of the passenger model. The partition itself comes with four hanging hooks on the loadspace side, and two stowage nets on the cabin side of 110 models for small items.

The full-width load floor is completely flat, with up to six integrated lashing points, heavy-duty rubber mats and a set of lockable storage areas providing with 58 litres of underfloor stowage at the rear of both the 90 and 110. An additional underfloor area is fitted to the 110 Hard Top, where the footwells of the Defender passenger model would normally be found, providing 155 litres of hidden stowage, and the whole load area is illuminated by enhanced interior lighting five times brighter than the standard passenger Defender.

The Hard Top’s load area is accessed via the side-hinged rear tailgate, while the rear side doors on 110 variants boost practicality and give customers the flexibility to access smaller items located towards the front without the need to move bulky objects out of the way. The interior rear door panels also feature a unique slimline profile to maximise loadspace inside. If required, the 110 Hard Top can accommodate a standard Euro Pallet thanks to its wide-opening tailgate and generous proportions. The maximum load length measures up to 1,472mm in the 110 and lashing points ensure large loads can be safely secured in place.

Both 90 and 110 Hard Top models are equipped with independent coil-sprung suspension, with advanced Electronic Air Suspension available on the 110. Both set-ups provide outstanding off-road geometry, with ground clearance of 291mm, and approach, breakover and departure angles as the passenger models – up to 38, 28 and 40 degrees respectively for the 110 (in Off-Road Height).

The Hard Top also demonstrates impressive towing prowess, with the ability to pull up to 3,500kg, and it will wade through water up to 900mm deep, assisted by the Wade programme in the Terrain Response 2 system that ensures drivers can cross flooded roads or tracks with confidence.

The Defender 90 Hard Top features the D200 in-line six-cylinder engine producing 200PS and 500Nm of torque (D200 in-line four-cylinder with 200PS and 430Nm in select EU5 markets).

The Defender 110 Hard Top is available with the D250 or D300 in-line six-cylinder diesel engines, featuring MHEV technology and the option of Electronic Air Suspension. The D250 delivers 249PS and 570Nm of torque, while the D300 provides 300PS and 650Nm (D240 in-line four-cylinder with 240PS and 430Nm in select EU5 markets).

The smooth and strong torque delivery offered by the six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engines is perfect for the Defender Hard Top, while also delivering superior fuel economy and reduced emissions from the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system.


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