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2021 Skoda Octavia Scout – Versatile Estate for Active Lifestyle


2021 Skoda Octavia Scout – Versatile Estate for Active Lifestyle. 2021 Skoda Octavia Scout – Drive, Interior and Exterior. Please Consider Subscribing.

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To date, the OCTAVIA SCOUT has only ever been available as an all-wheel-drive estate. This new generation of the successful model with off road styling can now also be ordered as a front-wheel-drive variant. An engine featuring mild hybrid technology is another first for the SCOUT, and the most powerful 2.0 TDI now delivers 147 kW (200 PS).

When fitted with a 2.0 TDI engine delivering 147 kW (200 PS), the OCTAVIA SCOUT can tow a braked trailer weighing up to 2,000 kg. The all-wheel-drive model has a fuel capacity of 55 l, which is 10 l more than the standard ŠKODA OCTAVIA variant can hold.

The OCTAVIA SCOUT’s all-wheel-drive system makes use of a new electronically controlled multi plate clutch. This clutch, now in its sixth generation, is nearly 0.8 kg lighter than its predecessor and it is not only more efficient but also consumes less fuel, thanks to the use of low friction oil, reduced bearing preload and refined internal lubrication. For improved responsiveness, the control unit has been integrated, making an external processing unit redundant. The software assesses the customer’s driving style to determine whether all-wheel drive is required, completely shutting off the electric motor that drives the oil pump if necessary. If all wheel drive is required, the system is re-engaged within fractions of a second.

The ŠKODA OCTAVIA SCOUT comes with a Rough-Road package, including underbody protection at the front and rear as standard. Featuring 15 mm additional ground clearance (163 mm overall), the OCTAVIA SCOUT is equipped for off-road driving, making it the perfect vehicle to meet a variety of requirements. Apart from the 2.0 TDI producing 85 kW, adaptive Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) is an optional extra for vehicles with a 2.0-litre engine. Without DCC, the driver can set the characteristics of the XDS+ system to Normal or Sport using Driving Mode Select. XDS+ is an extension of the electronic differential lock (EDL) and improves traction.

The SCOUT is the only model in the OCTAVIA range to include an optional off-road function, which can also be activated via the central display in Driving Mode Select. This function adapts the settings of the driving stability systems to the driving conditions on dirt tracks and gravel. The accelerator is less sensitive and the DSG only changes gear at higher engine speeds. The package also includes Hill-Descent Assist. The multi-link rear axle fitted in the all-wheel-drive OCTAVIA SCOUT distinguishes itself by providing high levels of comfort and good handling.

The new OCTAVIA SCOUT can be ordered with numerous innovations that ŠKODA introduced with the launch of this fourth-generation range. The bestseller – fitted with DSG – is the brand’s first car to use shift-by-wire technology. The driver selects gears via a small rocker switch located in the centre console, which transmits the commands electronically. New assistance systems, such as Collision Avoidance Assist, Turn Assist and Exit Warning (available from spring 2021), as well as the Local Traffic Warning mean that journeys in the OCTAVIA SCOUT are even safer. What’s more, the model is now on the market with full LED Matrix headlights, allowing the driver to leave the high beam on at all times. And it can be ordered with full LED tail lights, which feature not only dynamic indicators but also an animated Coming/Leaving Home function.

Other new and improved assistance systems from the fourth-generation OCTAVIA are also available for the OCTAVIA SCOUT. Side Assist warns the driver of vehicles approaching from behind or when they are in the blind spot, up to a distance of 70 m. It also helps to prevent accidents on motorways and dual carriageways. In urban environments, Front Assist – including Predictive Pedestrian and Cyclist Protection – warns of collisions visually, acoustically and by gently applying the brakes, slowing the car down when necessary. It detects moving and stationary vehicles in the direction of traffic, and also cyclists and people who are moving in front of the car.

The SCOUT variant of the OCTAVIA’s redesigned, ergonomic and more user-friendly interior features exclusive details that provide the model with its own personal touch. These include decorative strips for the dashboard (in an ash-wood effect as standard or with a silver finish as an option), ThermoFlux seat covers and SCOUT logos on the front seats. The upholstery, multi-level modular dashboard and optional heated multifunction leather steering wheel – sporting two spokes and shift paddles on vehicles with DSG – all come with contrasting Tabor Brown stitching.


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